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Cocoa-Cola Cake & Baby Bundts


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Sorry about the low quality photo, and the fact that is was taken on my car seat! I forgot to photograph my latest creations when they were in the kitchen!

These were from the Nigella Lawson book "How to Be a Domestic Goddess".
Mum and I were a bit puzzled at why the cocoa-cola cake came out so flat, and she suggested I double the mixture the next time I make it. Although once you actually taste it you realize why it is so flat! It is more of a fudge than a cake. You get a bit of fizz from your first mouthful, but I think it is more of a gimic than a regular item I would bake! None the less, it was delicious!
The icing cracked a little when I transfered it from the wire rack to the serving plate.

The baby bundts have a real sour icing but that's what helps them taste sooooooooo good! Made 2 batches on the weekend and they got gobbled up very quicky... mostly by myself!


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