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Was strolling through David Jones on my usual quest for homewares on sale when I stumbled into Donna Hay Chocolate!

I saw these when flipping through some old issues of Donna Hay Magazine, and thought to myself "why have I not seen these before?"
I was lucky to get the last of the first 2 in the image: "Mint Brittle" & "Toffee Crunch". However there was plenty of "Hazelnut Crunch". I stuck to one of each as I don't really need the calories, but was curious to try.

Haven't tried them yet, just wanted to take a pretty picture to savor the moment!

Also bought this plate and a few other pretty ones from Target as they are having 20% off lose kitchen ware, which was a nice surprise when I walked in!

There will be a massive blog entry after this weekend as I'm having a dinner party with some of my nearest and dearest friends. Stay tuned!

EDIT: 29 May '08
Went to another David Jones and found 2 flavours I didn't have! There was also a nice big hunk of nougat but at $18 I didn't really want to try it!


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