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Eating Out: Chu The Pho Bo Ga


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Cup eve in Melbourne, 2 chefs dateless, what did they do? They got together in search of Pho.

Now I have explained what Pho is in a previous post but Iron Chef Katie has a cute little poem on her website, and it goes a little something like this:

Do not say Foe
Do not Say foo
And especially don’t
Say the word which describes “number two”.

Start with a fff To be followed by an urgh.
Once it becomes un-phố -gettable
you’ll get with the slur.

To see Katie's Vietnamese adventures visit her blog.

Whilst it is nice to visit the same restaurants, it's always fun to try somewhere new. So we decided we would head down to Victoria St in Richmond, famous for it's Vietnamese community. We got on google and stumbled upon some good reviews of Chu The Pho. It seemed both cheap and reliable so we headed down to try it out for ourselves.

We are instantly greated with tea and ordered straight away as the menu is on the wall. There are limited choices but it's clear you only come here for Pho and possibly spring rolls if you are in the mood.

The Pho comes out within minutes of ordering, steaming hot with the usual side dish of bean sprouts, lemon and basil. The broth smells good but there is a very powerful star anise scent.
We both agree it's pho-tastic Pho and gobble it up.

We tried to order vegetarian spring rolls but they only have pork and prawn, so we get a mixed plate to share. They are lovely and fresh and the dipping sauce is a lovely accompaniment.

Great for a cheap eat, our meal which consisted of 2 bowls of Pho, springrolls and a can of coke set us back $25.

Chu The Pho Bo Ga
270 Victoria Street
Richmond VIC 3121

Pho-ne: 9427 7749

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Certainly was yummy! Can't wait to try other places on Victoria Street too. =)

I love Vietnamese food as well.. especially the classic pho!

Katie: yes, we will slowly make our way down the whole street!

Jo: You can't go wrong with pho can you!


I wrote an ode to pho, but that is for another time.

Went there tonight, and will be back! So good and so cheap!

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