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Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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Gong Xi Fa Cai or Happy Chinese New Year to you all!

As most of you knew, Australia Day this year was also Chinese New Year Day. Being half Malaysian means the family, extended family and friends of the family get together for one hell of a feast. Usually everyone will bring a dish whether it be noodles, dumplings, curry, sweets, etc...
We all dig in, over eat, eat some more then go home and start our new years' resolutions of losing weight AGAIN. I know I didn't stick to it from the 1 st of January so I can try again now.

This year I am truely excited as it is the year of the Ox, the animal that I am. And I'm pretty true to my Chinese horoscope too: "Oxen are bright, peace-loving, often easy-going and trusting. But, on the other hand, they can also be stubborn, methodical, and fiercely competitive, with, shudder, fierce tempers to boot."
I just discovered I'm a wooden ox too.
To find out what your Chinese horoscope is have a look here: http://www.tuvy.com/entertainment/chinese_horoscope.htm

So back to the feast:

There were alot of people to eat all this food. Most people went back for second servings and we all took leftovers home! My favorite dish was the pig's trotters. Sounds a bit weird but they are cooked in the most amazing sauce, I could live on them with rice alone. ... Well maybe them and chocolate so I don't get sick of them!

Then the traditional new year salad: Yusheng. To find out more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yusheng

And then, some how, we all have room for dessert:

As usual, it was a delicious feast.
My god mother prepares another feast next weekend which I will be missing out on. She prepares quail, lobster, prawns, shark fin soup and all the other special dishes and trimmings. There is always next year!!


That feast looks AMAZING. Not sure about the idea of pig trotters though.. What is the sauce like? What is it made of? TELL ME OF THIS WONDEROUS PIG TROTTER SAUCE!

The idea of pig trotters is not good I will admit. They are cooked in like a black vinegary sauce and the meat just falls away. It's a little bit sour, a little bit sweet... It's dreamy! My grandmother's recipe too. I must learn to cook it one day.

Happy Chinese New Year Shellie! That looks like an amazing feast. We had some similar dishes too :)

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