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Eating Out: Misty's Diner


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Misty's Diner had been on my list of places to try after hearing about it on the radio, and seeing it on SBS's Food Safari.
I was organising a surprise party for Hamsley's birthday with some friends, and scratched my head at where to have it. I knew he had wanted to return to Misty's for a meal; so I scratched my head no longer, and picked up the phone to make a booking.

Misty's is located next to The Works car wash. There must be a special deal when getting your car washed to eat at Misty's, as quite a few people were getting their vehicle washed, and eating in the diner whilst they waited.
I can't remember American diners very well. I was only about 10 years old when I went to America. I can still vaguely remember the diner near Disneyland we ate at a few times. It had the same kind of retro decor Misty's has, most likely less on the pink side though.
It was a lovely day. We sat inside, looking out onto the deck with the open doors providing a nice breeze. The menu was extremely comprehensive; about 8-10 pages long if I remember correctly. Thus making it very hard to decide on what to eat. All day breakfast is available. I was a bit disappointed I couldn't find the thick shakes on the menu, as I had looked online and drooled over a few milky options. I could have asked but I opted for something less thick and shaky. You can view the menu online here.

Each table comes with standard diner sauces: tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce, steak sauce and American mustard. So there are not complaints about not receiving enough sauce. I liked the little caddys they came in.

Welch's Grape Soda and A & W Root Beer - $3.10 each

Hamsley and I decided to get into the full American spirit and get some beverages from the motherland. I went for the grape soda, which tasted like grape flavoured hubba bubba bubble gum. I've been craving another can ever since.

Western and Bacon Burger
Grilled burger, sauteed mushrooms, smokey BBQ sauce, mayo, 2 slices of cheese, round roll, and finished off with an onion ring.

First burger to arrive at the table in traditional diner form, was this nice big juicy burger. I didn't hear any complaints from Pandy about this burger, other than the fact he was under the impression it came with onion rings (multiple, not singular).

Veggie Burger
Grilled veggie pattie with assorted fresh veggies, cheese, soy sauce and pickle

The great thing about the burgers at Misty's, is that you can turn any burger into a vegetarian burger. I found this a great option for my vegetarian friend Dave. He did end up going for the veggie burger in the end, along with Chris; and both were very happy with their choice.

Gourmet Fries
Fat fries with Misty's gourmet seasoning

To accompany their veggie burgers, the boys got a side of these fries. I had a taste, and they were deeeelicious.

Meatball Sub - $11.90
Grilled meatballs, homemade napoli sauce, red onions, black olives, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, baked to a golden brown bubbling sensation
As Adrian from Food Rehab and I have come to the conclusion; you can't go past meatballs when they are on the menu. I had sussed out the menu prior to going, and I was tossing up between the meatball sub or the ribs. In the end, meatballs won. I requested my sub without olives, and it was just fantastic. Juicy meatballs, absolutely smothered in a rich, thick, flavorsome napoli sauce. I was in heaven. I usually can't get enough sauce, but this was just perfect. Just the perfect serving size too.

Tater Tots - $6.90
Crisp fried potato gems

To go with my meatball sub, Hamsley suggested I get tater tots. I'd never had them before, but thought they sounded alot like standard potato gems we get in Australia. They were just so much better. Extra crispy, with a slightly different savory flavour to the usual potato gem. I regret not finishing them, as I wouldn't mind eating the rest now, as I sit back and reminisce.

Philly Cheese Steak - $19.80
Scotch fillet grilled steak, served with sauteed mushrooms and onions, mayo, melted cheese and lettuce on a roll with chilli fries.

Hamsley nearly entered a food coma after eating this. Mind you, he didn't have enough room to finish all 'dem chilli fries. He had wanted to get a hot dog at Costco before hand, and I'm glad I had told him not to; or he would have eaten even less. He was extremely happy with this dish.

We all had a bite of a Twinkie to see what all the fuss was about. We all came to the conclusion that it was just all right, nothing special we could see ourselves craving.
Apart from Twinkies, you can buy a selection of famous American candy, also available at the USA Food Store.

Good service, Misty even came up to our table to check if everything was okay. I thought it was cute how every dish had an American flag. With such an extensive menu, I will be back; for sure.

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Must. Get. There!

USA Foods is good for the mega processed snacky stuff, but you need to go out for killer fries and root beer!

My car is dirty. I wish I had a Misty's to while away the time as someone else washes it for me :)

The single onion ring is funny. I wonder if they cook them one at a time? In a tiny little fryer?

Twinkies are just so wrong though... makes my teeth hurt just to look at it!

I haven't had Welch's Grape since I was last in Asia. I drink it mainly for nostalgia purposes because of its bubblegumminess, which is I think the same reason behind the Twinkies phenomenon. But LOL at that single onion ring!

Great that you went for the full works .. burgers, hotdogs and root beer! Gosh .. the pics are making me hungry now!

An American Diner, that's a little different to the norm Shellie. I luved the look of the Food, looked very tempting. And filling to, and their Chips sound sensational. We will know who to ask ? Where all the Great eat-outs are when next in Melbourne Shellie? Thanx for checking out all the 'Taste-Tastic' ones for us. Hugs, xox :-)

OMG I love American diner food! This looks great with all the right brands too. I might be coming to Melbourne soon so I'm doubly excited about this place! :D

I totally didn't know this place existed. Definitely want to give it a go - never tried genuine American food and that Man vs Food on Foxtel has me with cravings lately :-D

If there's one thing I could transplant from the US to Australia (besides an appreciation of the chocolate-peanut butter combo), it would be the addition of pickles to dishes in restaurants. Oh, pickles, I do love you.

oh my....I better not tell Daz about this place...he would LOVE it to bits. He onced dragged me clear across the state (or so it seemed) to eat at captain america's.

I just gotta say....how cute is the whole pickle skewered to the burger? Its as if the pickle was innocently crossing the road when it was collected by a minature american flag and impaled onto a burger!

I love this place! And also love how allergy friendly it is too - vegans can eat there. I love anywhere I can get onion rings! yum yum yum!!

Wah! I will like to go to this place. Fab fab Fab!

I have just had packet mac and cheese for lunch - what I desperately want now is one of those big fat burgers with fat fries!!!

Hi Jackie - Yes! I'm due for another trip there soon!

Hi Conor - _You_Are_Hilarious! I'm still thinking about that tiny deep fryer!

Hi Mademoiselle Delicieuse - I want another can now!! Yes, why only the one onion ring??!

Hi Jo - Thanks :P I could go another round right about now.

Hi Jeanne - haha, we will take you to the best places when you come down next! Don't worry.

Hi Lorraine - It is awesome isn't it? ooOOooo a trip to Melbourne!

Hi Esz - Yes, please go! I can't wait to go back.

Hi Hannah - I love nutella and chunky peanut butter on toast! And I've only just started to love pickles.. but only the Coles ones ;)

Hi Maria - Lol! haha so true :P

Hi I'm A Sugar Junkie - Yes! Very friendly to all sorts of people!

Hi Penny - Yes, go go go!

Hi Cakelaw - lol, I wouldn't mind some packet mac and cheese right now!

This diner is CO CUTE! Wish they are in Sydney.

love the soft drink selection!

Hehee, Misty's Diner is one of my brother's favourite places to eat. He loves America and all associated American stuff!

the food looks good here.... i also only learned about Twinkies recently after watching Zombieland! hahahaha I am happy to know what you think of it. Will try to lay my hands on one one day!

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