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The Grand Prix 2010


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You probably are aware; I was doing lots of stuff for the Grand Prix a few months ago.
If you went to the Grand Prix, chances are, you probably didn’t see any of my work on display, unless you were near the track marshal's tent, or in the CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) corporate tent.
It was about 3 weeks on intense work, with the last week not sitting down at all unless it was 5 minutes for lunch. Working weekends and staying back late, I thought I’d collapse by the time it came to the big event. 

As a nice little bonus for all of our hard work, my boss sent my work colleague, his lovely daughters and I along to enjoy the first day of the Grand Prix in the corporate tent. Since we were doing a lot of work for CAMS they were nice enough to issue my boss with passes for all 4 days of the event. I had never been to the Grand Prix before, or been treated corporate style; so I was keen to see if I could food blog about it as well!

My day began with a bit of sleep in, which seemed like bliss after the 3 weeks of madness that had just finished. We caught the tram down and began out epic trek down to find out tent. After walking around for a bit, we had realised we walked too far, and in the hot sun we were all working up a bit of a sweat. We all wore long pants and closed toe shoes in the hope we might get a tour of the pits. This turned out to be a bad idea as it was so hot, and we weren’t lucky enough to get a tour… grrr.
By the time we reached our tent, the kind guy manning the bar showed us the drinks on offer, and suggested perhaps a soft drink or a water to help us cool down. I was in the mood for one thing only at that point; “I’ll have a James Boags please!!”. 

After a short while, and a speaker attempting to make a speech as F1s kept screaming on by, we were served lunch. I managed to snap all the food before it got touched. I wasn’t so luckily with dessert though.
A nice, tasty selection of cold meats; ham, turkey, chicken and roast beef. Nice tasty salads; bean and tomato, potato. An onion tart and fresh rolls. 

We went for a walk around the track and came back to find that dessert had been served! There wasn’t much left for us though. We had stopped for ice-cream due to the heat, and I had a callipo gelati in Little Italy. I never knew callipo did gelati. It was alright, not as good as the original style callipos though. 

Some of the food stalls for the general public.

Dessert was a coffee and ricotta cake, cinnamon, apple and rhubarb pies, as well as crackers and cheese. I had the cinnamon, apple and rhubarb pie. Then about an hour later I went to get a cup of tea and found they had restocked the dessert… so I had another one!

It came to about 5pm when the RAAF jets were flying above, when a waitress comes to us with a tray full of hot delicious pastries. I was hoping she would return with more, but she did not. I had a vegetable pastie and an arancini ball. Both were awesome, hence why I wanted her to bring me more!!

F1 simulator in our corporate tent.

Overall a fantastic day. I never had an interest in motor sport until working on stuff for CAMS. However, I doubt I would go to the Grand Prix again, unless it was corporate style so I could keep cool in the shade, fed and watered. 


What an awesome task you started and finished Shellie, 'Congrats' for a job well done. With a follow up reward from your Boss, is great He appreciated the 100% effort you put in and gave you that very 'Special Treat', for an experience of you being able to feel really appreciated and of importance, up with all the 'Best of the Best'. What a feast, you enjoyed lucky you! Just loved all your brilliant pics to. So happy for you to have had such an awesome experience.
Jeanne.x :)

Great photos. How good is corporate hospitality, definitely the best way to watch sport. Its good you enjoyed the GP.

A well deserved day of freebies! Glad you enjoyed yourself and didn't end up passed out on the lawn :)

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing this.

Good work snapping all the food! I've never been interested in the GP, but if offered a spot in a corporate tent I would take it up too. ;)

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