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We finally got internet at our new place.

Then the graphics card in my laptop died. Apparently a common problem with my model of laptop.
I wasn't too fussed, that's why you always buy extended warranty! Luckily Jose and the Genius Bar is fixing it for me and I should have it back this week.

Can't do blogging on Hamsley's laptop as he doesn't have Photoshop.

So, all I can say is, stay tunned... I have ALOT of blogging to catch up on!

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Iron Chef Shellie


Awaiting to read the return of your blogging =)

Come back soon! :D Looking forward to your food adventures and possibly tales from the new place?

Hi Shellie Sweet Pea, Have wondered where ya been, and what ya been up to. Sounds like you have been a very 'Busy lil Bee'? Waiting, waiting to see all your Cook-ups, updates and pic's?
Hugs, Jeanne.x :)

Aww Shellie you poor thing! I was wondering where you were but saw you on twitter so I knew you were still around :)

Oh no... it can only get better! Can't wait to read all your new posts!

Hi Mademoiselle Delicieuse - Ahhh it's good to be back!

Hi Agnes - Oh yes! I must do tales of the new place! thanks for the reminder!

Hi Jeanne - soon soon!

Hi Lorraine - Yes, still very much alive and cooking :P

Hi Ellie - So true!

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