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Hi there to anyone out there actually reading this!
I thought I'd start a food blog since I have recently found a new passion in life, cooking. It seems to be a lot cheaper than my other passion, shopping! Although I love buying new cook books with the pretty pictures which isn't so cheap!

My favourite celebrity chefs at the moment are Nigella Lawson and Donna Hay. I wish Ainsley Harriott was back on TV, he used to be so much fun to watch! Lucky I got a book of his cheap on eBay and it arrived in the post today! =D

Well I hope to do a post every time I make something new or spectacular, I will just need to remember to take photos instead of eating it straight away!

Right now I'll leave you with my funky ginger bread characters my mum and I did over Christmas!


I nominate myself to be chief taste tester!!

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