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These were actually done by my best friend and I for Christmas 2006. I got the idea from a work colleague and we thought they would make great little gifts for people.

- 1 packet of Arnott's Chocolate Royals
- White melting chocolate (we used Nestle melts)
- 1 packet Jaffas
- 1 packet confectionery mint leaves

Cut the mint leaves into quarters and re-coat in caster sugar so that all sides are sugared.
Lay out the chocolate royals on a baking dish. Melt the white chocolate and place a good dollop on to of each chocolate royal. Working quickly before the chocolate sets, place a jaffa and 2 mint leaves on top.

Put in the fridge to set.


What a cute idea! They look like the ones you get at the shops.

Thanks! they tasted so yum too! =)

They look FABULOUS. I wish I didn't have to wait 11 months to make them! :)

my mum made these for christmas too! There was a lot of swearing in the kitchen when the leaves would continuously slide down the mallow puff!

Wow!! So stealing this idea! :)

These look great - I'll have to make them for Xmas in winter!

I have made these HEAPS and have been such a big hit! I got myself from a cake decorating shop, a small holly cutter and cut out a holy leaf from the spearmint leaf, looks great

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