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Product Review: Green & Blacks Chocolate


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It’s been about a month since I received some Green & Black’s chocolate to try. But since I’d been seriously overworked and over committed socially, I had absolutely no time to try it or bake with it.
Now that life has calmed down a little, I have made trying this chocolate a priority. Which seems a bit ridiculous because chocolate is always a priority in my life! 

Most of you would already know that Green & Black's is already an organically certified chocolate. The good news is, they have announced that the entire range is also going Fairtrade. 

Fairtrade is a unique independent system providing farmers with the security of fair prices for their produce and additional investment for social, environmental and economic development in their communities. The commitment by Green & Black's to Fairtrade will result in an investment of approximately AUD$540k a year through additional Fairtrade Premiums paid to Dominican Republic cocoa farmers and their communities. These farmers are now the main source of cocoa for Green & Black's and the move towards complete Fairtrade Certification is part of their ongoing commitment to ethical trading. 

With a nice selection of chocolate on offer here’s my verdict on how they taste on their own.

Left to right: Dark 70%, Maya Gold, Milk

The first thing I noticed about this chocolate was that it wasn't as creamy as say Cadbury or Lindt. My favorite would have to be the Maya Gold as it was a dark chocolate with hints of orange and other spices. Perfect with a cuppa or just a nibble to settle chocolate cravings.

The dark 70% is a chocolate I'd much rather use in cooking as with such a high percentage it can be quite bitter for some people.

With so much chocolate, I thought I'd better get cooking with it!
Recipes I made with Green & Black's Chocolate:
- Green & Black's Chocolate Brazil Soft-Baked Cookies
- Chocolate Beer Cake

Iron Chef Shellie sampled Green and Black’s chocolate thanks to Emma from Bang Public Relations.

For more information about Green & Black's chocolate, recipe ideas or more information about organic and Fairtrade, check out their website: http://www.greenandblacks.com/anz/


Chocolates! Yum... and I don't know how you could wait so long!

Oh thanks - this is actually REALLY useful, I see these on special all the time and dither over whether to get them (usually I just fall back on Lindt): now I've got a fantastic option for my chocolate fondants! And haha beer cake, you sure are a girl after a man's heart!

oh wow. so much chocolate! i haven't really tried their chocolate but would love to sample them one day to compare.

Right there with you on chocolate being a priority (though that's hardly a surprise, is it? :P)

Though having said that, I'm not a big fan of Green & Black's. I find the 70% a bit too acidic, though quite like the sour cherry bar. I actually think their "cooking" chocolate is their nicest eating chocolate!

Very chic styling there Shellie! :D And just in time for Easter too. I agree that it's not quite as creamy as Lindt although my favourite one is the butterscotchy one-mmm! :)

I quite like the mayan gold

One of my fav chocs! The butterscotch variant is my #1 fav, followed by milk, then almond. If you ever get the chance, try the G&B easter eggs (easter eggs in my opinion taste better than the blocks) or the G&B muesli bars! Good post to give a great product some deserved recognition

G&B Maya Gold is one of my absolute favourite chocolates! I think I first discovered it in an Oxfam shop. Not sure if I've actually tried their other types of chocolate, but I like my dark to be fairly bitter so I'll have to grab some next time it's on special.

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