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So I held my first ever "Pink Afternoon Tea" to raise money for breast cancer on the weekend and I'm pleased to say it was a huge success and I managed to raise $760!

I wanted to thank everyone who came and donated, I am still managed how much we managed to raise.

As you can see I managed to make 6 different cakes! It was a very busy weekend since I worked Saturday morning then came home to bake all day. Then up early Sunday morning to frost some cupcakes and prepare for the party, have the party then went to the Stevie Wonder concert!

The cakes I made for this special occasion were:
- Apricot Cake
- Brownies with white chocolate and raspberries
- Red Velvet Cupcakes
- Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes
- Marshmallow and Jam Tart
- Pink Lamingtons

I will be posting the marshmallow & jam tart, and pink lamington recipe later this week. The other recipes can be found by following the link.

Thank you again for your support!


All looks very yummy and that's a huge amount of money to raise. Well done!

Wow, great job, they look fabulous! And such a great cause:)

Thanks guys :D I was very happy with the results!

They look amazing!!! How did you do the breast cancer ribbons???

Thanks Luisa =)
I made them out of fondant. I coloured them pink, rolled it out, cut it into strips then folded over like a ribbon.

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