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Chai Kuey


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Ok, back to blogging! Now that I have a little bit of time on my hands.

Last weekend I had my family come over to make "Chai Kuey". They are dumplings, steamed and best eaten straight after making them. However since they are quite time consuming to make, we only ever make these when we have a few hands on board.

Firstly my mum prepared the two different types of fillings:

The top filling consists of pork mince, prawns, turnip and I'm sure there are some sauces and spices she adds. I wasn't home when she was cooking it so I can't tell you her secrets :P Most people like this filling better as it is a little bit sweet.
The other filling is dried shrimp and chives.

Before making the pastry it's good to have all your tools handy before your hands get all floury.

Once the dough for the dumpling skin has been made you need to roll it to the correct thickness and cut out circles to put your filling in.

This is how the dumplings are made:

As you can see, it can be quite time consuming, so many hands help the process along:

Once you have a nice big plate of dumplings ready, you need to put them in a steamer to cook. Below you can see uncooked and cooked dumplings:

Finally, once you have slaved away you can enjoy your dumplings. I prefer mine with sweet chilli sauce, but a nice spicy chilli sauce does the trick as well.



mmmmmm.... they look yum!


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