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Christmas Round Up 2009


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Christmas tree I made with Lindt baubles for my Christmas party with my friends.

And so that was Christmas.
And what did you do?

This is my round up of quite possibly, the best Christmas ever.

The Christmas party with my friends:

We started with some dips and these avocado and cherry tomato salsa wonton cases. It was a great way to get the lunch started as everyone started to arrive.

We kept things fairly simple with a BBQ. I made Bill Granger's sticky chicken wings, and we got some gourmet sausages and rissoles from Woolworths. Mum helped me out and made her amazing potato salad, Alana graciously made her famous crunchy Asian noodle salad, and I made a green salad with tomato, onion, capsicum and mango.

Even though we were all extremely full and falling asleep at the table, we piled on the dessert. Fresh fruit and white christmas mud cakes.

Everyone left with a noodle box containing an ultimate chocolate pudding...yum!

Christmas Eve - Carols by Candlelight, Sidney Myer Music Bowl

It was my first Christmas eve away from my family, but due to "The Great Flood of '09", I left carols early and ended up seeing my family.
It had been spitting all day, and when we arrived at carols it had cleared up. We settled in, unpacked everything, then the massive down pour hit! It was a case of wet undies all around. Luckily my dad gave me a tarp to take, and we all hid under there for most of the night.
It was much more fun than watching it on TV. I made candy cane cookies and some savory muffins... there would have been photos but it was a bit hard when it was raining!

Christmas Day - Grandma's House

Whenever my Grandma hosts Christmas, she puts on an epic feast. We started with lobster and king prawns.... deeeelicious!

Ham and turkey, both cooked to perfection. Her version of a Greek salad, with capsicum cut into festive shapes, and a yule log made by my uncle!

We also saw a lizard when someone took out the rubbish.
We also had a mini fire when a candle caught alight to some decorations. All my Dad could do to fix this fire problem was to shout "Fire! Fire! Fire!" .... then my uncle promptly went to blow out said fire... thanks Dad... I know I can count on you when the house is burning down!

Miscellaneous Christmas Shenanigans

I got a bit creative helping mum make Pepparkaton (Swedish gingerbread).

The gingerbread house came down, and became a flat pack house. We are still eating it, and it's delicious!

Some of my loot! It was very food related which I loved! Thanks everyone!!!
(Like that plainbow road scarf an luma crochet?? It was made by an amazing girl I've never met, but will meet some day soon. Check out her Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sunshineravioli)

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are enjoying all the leftovers!
Iron Chef Shellie


At first I thought that lizard was a baby croc - yikes! Love the Borat gingerbread man replete with mankini...haha!

Looked like you had a fab Christmas! And omg how cute is that lizard... or is it a mini dragon?!

Hehe my gingerbread church is still sitting there - I haven't got the heart to destroy it :(

Your gingerbread are GREAT!! I must make the pirate, dont think I could make the Borat - 2 icky 2 eat!!

Wow awesome Christmas!! Looks like you had a great one and so much fooooood!! Lovely! Nice haul of stuff too. Shame about the Carols by Candlelight! I remember we got absolutely drenched at the Airshow this year where it rained for a good 3 hours straight. Never been so wet in my life - so know what you felt like!! :-D

Gorgeous post :)
Santa got the cupcake ring from Etsy too! ;)

damn the rain! LOL However, big props on those take home goodies! Any spares? hehe

Well Shellie, you have blown me away again! I have just been through and viewed your great Chrissi cook-ups. And what a feast you all must have had.....YOM.....Loved browsing through it all, what a busy little Vegemite you have been.
Hugs, Jeanne. :-)d

Fabulous post. Merry Christmas!

Love the pictures of your gifts and your grandma's amazing feast!

xox Sarah

Gorgeous Christmas post - makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Lindt baubles and noodle boxes are so clever - totally ripping that idea off next year! =o)

Wow you had an awesome Christmas Shellie! :D Love your gifts and how cute are those gingerbread men? Love the Borat one heehee!

Hi Mademoiselle Délicieuse - LOL! That would have been scary :P Borat for the win =)

Hi Karen - Sure did! Your church is amazing!

Hi Kyla - Thanks! I didn't think of that, maybe someone else can eat him instead ;)

Hi Esz - Yeah, it's not the best feeling is it? :P Thanks hun!

Hi Alana - Thanks =] Ahhh Santa is a smart shopper ;)

Hi Adrian - Lots of spares, in my belly :P

Hi Kat - Lol! Thanks =]

Hi Jeanne - Busy is definitely the word!!

Hi Sarah - Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks! xo

Hi Vee - Thank you! haha I'm glad it's a good enough idea to be ripped off!

Hi Lorraine - I sure did! hehe thanks =]

wow that is one fabolous christmas, such amazing food and i love your ginger bread house!

i think the tree you did for yoour friends is very creative nice idea./

your christmas looks fantabulous!
can i have a noodle box too? :P
im so jealous :S hahaha
and your gingerbread men!
adorable :)

Wow what a Christmas!

Your Grandma appears to be one amazing lady. It's funny but I've heard a few fire stories like this, where one person goes to pieces and is useless except from yelling, and someone else calmly fixes the situation - I think maybe that it might be necessary to have a fire shouter so that the other person can concentrate all their attention on putting out the fire (and thus making the shouter be quiet).

I wonder if Christmas will feel the same next year without soggy undies?

Wow! What a great round up. You had a ball at christmas :) Happy holiday!

Hi Miss Jade - Many thanks =D

Hi Muffins Are Ugly Cupcakes - Sure thing ;) Thanks hun!

Hi Conor - My Grandma always blows me away with her entertaining skills! ....hmmmm.. I wonder too ;)

Hi Ellie - Thank you! Happy holiday to you too!

It certainly looks like you had a great Christmas - yay!

It rained so hard on Christmas Eve, well done for sticking out the Carols! Did many people leave when the downpour started?

Hi Agnes - Thanks! LOADS of people left when it started raining!

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