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Eating Out In Tasmania: Machine Laundry Cafe


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So it was a case of third time lucky with the Machine Laundry Cafe. We had tried twice to get a table, with no luck. It was our final day in Hobart, and Mum had asked me the day before what I wanted to do. My ONLY request was that we try to have breakfast at the Machine Laundry Cafe again, and that it would be my shout.

Maybe it was the "I'll shout" part, but my request was met, and off we trundled into town. Luckily it was a weekday, so most people were at work, thus leaving a multitude of tables freely available.

The breakfast menu was quite extensive. Whilst I was tempted by many different things, I hadn't forgotten the size of the giant muffins I spied on my 2nd attempt to dine at the cafe.

Machine Giant Muffin $6.00
Sweet flavour of the day: orange, ricotta & honey

The giant muffin was HUGE. I got about half way through and thought I'd take the rest with me. But then I just sat there and ate the whole thing, bar one bite. Needless to say, I didn't really require any more food for the rest of the day.
There was a strong orange taste, and ricotta chunks. A fantastic muffin from top to bottom. So light, and fluffy, and lots of muffin top, which is the best part (as most Seinfeld fans would know; Top Of The Muffin, TO YOU!").

Machine Made Toasted Muesli $9.00
Spiced and lightly toasted rolled oats and barely, seeds and nuts. Served with baked winter fruit and organic yoghurt.

Dad had the muesli, and was rather content after eating it. Served with milk, it would have been an excellent way to start the day.

Baby Ben $8.50
Half eggs benedict, snuggled in a soft white bap.

Mum wanted something fairly small for breakfast, as she already had a quick bite to eat. Instead of getting a full sized serve of eggs benedict again, she ordered the Baby Ben. It was so cute, and just the right portion size for her.

So, was it worth coming back three times?
Hell yes. The staff were fantastic, the food was terrific and the atmosphere was totally different to your normal cafe; most likely due to the washing machines.
I will be going back the next time I'm in Hobart.

Machine Laundry Cafe
12 Salamanca Sq
Hobart TAS 7000
Phone: (03) 6224 9922


What? That's not a muffin. That's a slab of cake with a nipple. That muffin is huge! Practically all muffin top :)

I presume those are working washing machines?

Hahaha at Simon's comment above! But I agree, that is one huge muffin top that has completely dwarfed the stump underneath.

I would've eaten that entire muffin too ;)

Do the laundry machines actually work or is it just for show?

Mmmmmmmm muffin top. I too would have eaten the whole thing :) And then had lunch, hehe.

I'm diggin the Baby Ben too, it's a good idea! Love how it's "snuggled", all ready for a nice little journey into a warm tummy :)

I love Simon's comment. The one that actually did catch my eye was the hot chocolate!

as an ex-Tasmanian I can vouch that the machines do in fact work. I've seen many a Salamanca residence doing their laundry there...lucky ducks.

Hi Simon - ROFFFFFLLLL!! Best comment I've had on my blog, EVER!
Yes, they are fully functioning washing machines!

Hi Mademoiselle Delicieuse - Same! :P

Hi Agnes - It was so hard not to do! Yes they actually work =D

Hi Conor - Glad I'm not the
only one ;) It does look very snuggled!

Hi Penny - Same :P Yes, I love how they did the cocoa topping.

Hi Emma - I love the fact that they do work! If I lived near by, I'd do my laundry there just for the breakfast :P

Hehe at "Machine made muesli". Usually signs proclaim home made! :D Looks like a lovely meal though!

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