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Merry Christmas!


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Wishing you all a very safe and merry Christmas!
Hope the fat man brings all of your something nice, and you eat so much that your elastic pants snap and split in half!

I'll see you all soon for this year's Christmas food round up.... I suspect I'll be a little rounder by the end of it too!!

Iron Chef Shellie


merry xmas fron venice

You have a 'Wonderful Christmas Day tomorrow to Shellie and a Safe and Happy New Year.'
And I hope that the 'Little Fat Man in the Red Suit,' Drops down your Chimney tonight and leaves you lots of Surprises! and make it your best Chrissi Day ever.
p.s. And you will be able to open your 2 Big Boxes up to. :-)
Jeanne X :-)

Merry Christmas, Shellie! Not sure about the elastic pants snapping part, but I'll take it all in good steed =)

And a very very Merry Christmas to you! Bring on the fat man :) xxx

Hehe I suspect the same. Another Christmas and a bit rounder-doh! I hope you and your friends and family have a marvellous Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D xxx

Hope you have a fantastic Christmas tommorrow! Those cakes look fantastic! enjoy

Merry Xmas, Shellie! Hope you have a fantastic one. :)

Merry Christmas!! Hope you have an excellent holiday filled with much delicious food :-D

Merry Christmas Shellie! Hope you're showered in goodies too! And I think I'll be a dress size larger by the end of these holidays so you won't be alone!

Merry Christmas Shellie!!

Hope you weren't speaking from experience when you talk about the split pants!

Merry Christmas :)

Love your Lindt Christmas tree! That tree won't last till Christmas at my house. Also love your Uncle's Yule log.

OMG at all the food!

And OMG at the Xmas tree!

I can stare at all those food photos for hours!!!

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