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Eating Out: Bombay By Night


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I was sitting at work, pondering what Hamsley and I could have for dinner that didn’t involve too much effort as I was suffering from a mild case of the C.B.F.s  (for those of you (Mum) that aren’t up with what the cool kids are saying; CBF stands for: can’t be f-ed!)
Anyways, when I texted Hamsley asking him what he wanted for dinner, I promptly got a reply, “I’ve got dinner covered. Bring your camera.”

You can imagine what thoughts go through a food blogger’s head when they receive a message like that. So that perked up my energy levels and had me racking my brains!

After work I was shown the restaurant of choice that Hamsley had made a reservation at to surprise me. He showed me on my iPhone using the Good Food Guide application. I had driven past Bombay By Night many times whilst on my way down to Brighton and thought, ‘That place looks pretty faffy, must be expensive since it’s in the Good Food Guide…*sigh*… ah maybe one day!”

We walked through the door, and the maître d’ promptly greeted us, and took us through to our table. We were given a moment to take in how warm, yet spacious the restaurant was, with beautiful artwork adorning the walls, and lovely lighting that made you feel very relaxed.

A waiter presented us with menus for us to trawl over, with a list of a couple of tempting specials. Another waiter arrived shortly to take our drinks order, and came back momentarily with our requested drinks.

Cascade Light Beer - $5.50
Mango Lassi - $5.10

The mango lassi was the sweetest lassi I’ve ever had. It was fantastic though, full of mango flavour, nice and refreshing.

The second special on the list caught my eye… perhaps it was the lobster that did it, but I’ve never had lobster in a curry before, and I didn’t really feel like a rogan josh or vindaloo. I sweet talked Hamsley into ordering the lobster and prawn curry, given that he hadn’t had lobster before it helped to sweeten the deal.

W.A. Lobster and Tiger Prawn Curry - $29.80
With coriander, lime, mint, coconut milk.

It was incredible. You could really taste the lime, and worked perfectly with the seafood. It had quite a bit of a kick to it, so it also went well with a bit of raita. Hamsley enjoyed his first lobster experience, and really enjoyed it’s luscious green sauce as well.

Chicken Makanwalla/Makhani $17.00
An internationally accepted barbecued mild chicken cooked in tomato and cream sauce.
Garlic Nan $3.00
Basmati Rice $4.80
Raita $4.00
Diced cucumber and tomato in a home style yoghurt.

There is always one thing I order when I eat Indian cuisine. I’m pretty sure it’s the same case for most people too, as I remember I joke, “No order at an Indian restaurant is complete without butter chicken”. Butter chicken or Chicken Makhani as it’s properly called, is one of my obsessions, along with meatballs, dumplings and chocolate. Luckily for me, Hamsley is an avid fan of the chicken makhani too, so there was no sweet talking involved when ordering this.
You can put us both down on record for saying that this is the best chicken makhani we have had. Deliciously creamy, with the perfect amount of flavour. It was fantastic with the basmati rice and freshly made garlic nan. I could have happily survived on this all night if I didn’t have to share.

We had decided not to go with appetisers as we where going for the lobster curry; and luckily so, as we were both well and truly stuffed by the end of eating everything.
We looked at the dessert menu and would have ordered a mango kulfi if our bellies had room. Never mind, there is always next time for dessert!

Bombay by Night also does take away. Their take away menu is here, and you get a 10% discount if you order before 7pm.
The full dine in menu is also available here.

The staff were extremely attentive throughout the night, especially the waiter in charge of filling up the water glasses. It’s not hard to see why Bombay By Night has been in the Good Food Guide so many years in a row.
The maître d’ came over and asked me if I was taking photos for my food blog, which was a bit of a specific question! I of course admitted my crime, and he said they had quite a few people come in a take photos for their blogs. At the end of the night I wrote down my web address so that he could check it out. Thanks again for your warm hospitality, and we will be back soon to sample the other delicious items on your menu.

Bombay By Night gets the first ‘Food Blogger Friendly’ seal of approval.

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The food-blooger-friendly part is great! Nothing like a place, no matter cheap or expensive, that feels it has nothing to hide =)

Oh this is the place on the way to De Nardis! I knew I had driven past it before. Mmmm butter chicken...

Thank you "ironchefshellie" for the kind words . Your blog has a lot of passion . Goodluck with your pursuits .



oh my LOSH. Absolutely delightful. Although your meal was non veg, Shelly, it looks scrumptious enough to unveganify a vegan:) We shall have to dine here sometime. Lovely post Shelly

It's 7am and now I'm in the mood for curry based on this! Yum!
I LOVE the 'Food Blogger Friendly' seal what a great idea ;)

Thanks for sharing Shellie x

I love that the place is food blogger friendly! The lobster curry sounds great too!

Ahh they're so proud of the GFG mentions, how cute :) Oh and good to hear that the lobster curry is good. I've had it before overseas and ut has been a bit chewy!

Hi Mademoiselle Délicieuse - Thanks =D So true!

Hi Alana - Sure is!! mmmmm indeedy!

Hi Ravnish - Thank you! Look forward to seeing you again soon =)

Hi Kiranjeet - hehe I'd love to take you there one day darling! x

Hi What's For Tea - Lol! Sorry about that, that usually happens to me when I read food blogs too :P Thanks!

Hi I'm A Sugar Junkie - Me too =) It was fantastic!

Hi Lorraine - They certainly are! Oh nothing worse than chewy lobster!

damn it michele .. made me wanna eat curry

& good on you, mr. bombay-by-night owner ..

ps: might be silly question, but where is the address?

never mind about the address. found it

argh i hate u putting address down as an image
cant copy paste

WOW ! Shellie, and Hamsley another great taste tempting night out. I have never tried a true Indian cook-up. Maybe I perhaps lean towards
Curry....HOT !! But don't get me wrong? I do luv Curry in a milder form ! I usually use 'Clive of India'maybe it's just me. It has a lovely flavor as well as bite. But I guess Shellie that there as more original Indian varieties available. Your meal looked just scrummy, and glad you both enjoyed it all, along with the Indian atmosphere.
Hugs Jeanne x :-)

Great seal, you should patent it! You could become rich off the royalties and eat every meal in a restaurant with a maître d’.

So glad you ordered the lobster, but I am even more glad that Hamsley is no longer a lobster virgin.

Oh and thanks for the culinary lesson. I looked at the Chicken Makhani photo thinking 'mmmmm butter chicken' then read the caption and thought 'oh no it's actually Chicken Makhani' and then kept reading and a lightbulb lit up over my head :D

Looks like you had a great meal! I really love your seal of approval.. very cute.

I am always scared of being sprung while taking photos of food when I'm out. But i've never been asked about it... yet (gulp!)

Thats such great news that they are so receptive to food bloggers.

And wow that lobster curry looks sensational. I do love Indian food so much. :-D

Hi Victor - Sorry!

Hi Jeanne - Thanks, it's always a delicious occasion :)

Hi Conor - lol, maybe I should ;) haha lobster virgin! Glad my post had some education in it for you :P

Hi Ladybird - Thanks =D Yeah me too, I started off really secretive but it turns out I didn't have to be!

Hi Esz - It certainly is! Me too =D

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