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Eating Out: Shallot Thai (Malvern East)


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Have you noticed there haven't been any restaurant reviews on here as of late? I hadn't until I saw my Urbanspoon ranking slowly go down the leaderboard. I've been spending more time in the kitchen so there hasn't been a need to eat out. But on special occasions, it is is nice to go out for dinner.

Hamsley and I had a bit of a task of where to have dinner, with lots of places either closed on Monday nights for dinner or still closed for the Christmas / New Year break. Finally we decided on a Thai place not too far away and called to book. They were closed but were due to reopen on the day we wished to dine. I left a message making a booking and my call was promptly returned on the Monday to confirm my reservation.

Por Pia (4 per serve) - $6.10
Thai spring rolls, with spicy minced pork and herb filling. Served with sweet chilli sauce.

Although they were piping hot out of the kitchen, they were delicious. A great way to start the meal and leave us wanting more.

Pad Thai with Prawns - $14.90
Thai rice noodle, bean shoots, egg, bean curd, dried shrimps with tamarind sauce and crushed peanuts.

The pad thai was not overly sweet like you get with some pad thais. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't served with the traditional wedge of lemon or lime, but easily over looking that, it was a fantastic pad thai.

Gaeng Panang with Lamb - $14.90
Dry curry cooked in thick coconut milk and vegetables.

Presented beautifully, and packed full of flavour. We usually order this curry with chicken, but since that wasn't an option we went for lamb. The meat was deliciously tender, with the vegetables still having a nice crunch to them. Coconut rice went perfectly with the curry.

Service was fantastic, our waitress never too far away to offer her assistance. I will return for sure, or just grab some take away on the way home. There is a duck curry on the menu I'm really wanting to try.

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Sure looked a very bright and tasty eat out meal Shellie, and well presented. Thai food is one of a kind,I also enjoy it. So happy that you both enjoyed your Special night out.
Jeanne.x :-)

Ive driven past this place so many times and never been in! maybe time to give it a try...

I want you to try the duck curry too. With coconut rice please!

Hi Jeanne - Sure was =) x

Hi I'm A Sugar Junkie - Yeah, it's worth a try at least!

Hi Conor - Yes PLEASE!!

It was a huge mistake to read your blog at around 4pm which is the witching hour for cravings! :P

Hi Lorraine - haha, sorry about that!

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