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Eating Out: Little Cupcakes


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After hearing good things about Little Cupcakes since my last cupcake venture in the city, I thought it was time I tasted what all the fuss was about.
We had a family trip to Costco where I found the giant sized cupcakes, followed by a trek to Sportsgirl to find hot shoes I have been lusting over for a while now. Sportsgirl had them extra discounted, and were more of a reasonable sized heel than the Tony Bianco version. Alas.... back to the cupcakes that I dragged Hamsley across the city for. 

We were greated with lots of gorgeous looking cupcakes with multiple flavours. We stood there for quite some time, ummm-ing and ahh-ing over what flavours to take home, whilst the sales assistant patiently waited.

This is the little box that walked around the city with us. The gorgeous little cupcakes got a little bit excited and smooshed into eachother during transportation, so try not to judge them in the photo below:

 Clockwise from the front: Dark Chocolate (?), Cookies & Cream, Belgian Chocolate, Red Velvet.

Well let me just say, they were FANTASTIC.
I was sucked into buying red velvet as it was flavour of the day, and I am a huge fan of red velvet. It was great, although I was still expecting more of a cocoa flavour. Perhaps Donna Hay's recipe has made me expect more cocoa in red velvet.
The Belgian chocolate flavour was incredible, and it left me wanting more.... MORE I tell you.. MORE!!

Hamsley was also impressed with his cupcakes, favoring the cookies and cream one.

I'm glad Little Cupcakes is all the way in the CBD. I don't venture down there too often, so my waistline is safe from extreme cupcake expansion!

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Little cupcakes yummmm. Ive heard a lot about it. Mini cupcakes always seem to have more flavour.

Im a sucker for anything with a star on it ;)

I walked right past it today. Now you make me want to walk back to get some. **looks at expanding waistline**

Love those laneways.

Think I might love those cupcakes too.

Ahhh, small things = increased sampling! But also often induce a sense of wanting to take the whole store home =p

Cup cakes, Shellie by the dozen Oh my goodness! and don't they look Cup-cake-tastic. No wonder it was
worth your walk to get there! Very taste tempting, just as well I don't live down there else I might just go and get lost in there, drooling over them trying to decide which ones I would just have try. I just might have to keep this little shop, as a must see, must have when next in Melbourne. Hugs Jeanne. x :-)

i LOVE Little Cupcakes! Those little minis are jam packed full of flavour and always look fantastic. I've tried their red velvet before too, and am not the biggest fan, but they have a choc banana one that is seriously yum too!

Hi A Cupcake or Two - It's so true, and not as dry.

Hi Fiona - Ahhh... it was a rather cute star!

Hi Penny - haha, sorry!

Hi Conor - Same! and SAME!

Hi Mademoiselle Délicieuse - Ahhh so true! Yes, I did want to take the whole store home too.

Hi Jeanne - I'd be more than happy to take you there darling!

Hi Imasugarjunkie - I now love them too! I shall try choc banana next time then!!

did u know they advertised with us?

Hi Victor - Yup! I was still working there at the time =D

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