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Chocolate Before Dinner


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Firstly, let me apologise for no mid-week cooking this week, my week was turned a little upside down. But it will be back next week! Sorry to disappoint my regular readers.

Thursday night Iron Chef Alana, Rob and Adrian went to see Pete Murray in concert. Before meeting Alana and Adrian for dinner Rob and I decided to get some afternoon tea as we had 2 hours to kill. Rob's suggestion of Max Brenner was the best idea since sliced bread!!

I got the "Hot Chocolate with Crunchy Magic Waffle Balls", not only because I like to say it but cos I love those crunchy magic waffle balls!

Rob and I shared a Cinnamon Chocolate Babka. I have always wanted to try a Babka since I heard about them when watching Seinfeld, (my next thing to try from Seinfeld is a marble rye).

It was soooooooo delicious! It was nice and warm and when I cut it in half it was full of chocolate, never a bad thing! The little pot of melted chocolate that came with it really wasn't necessary, however we didn't let it go to waste.

Everything is amazing at Max Brenner! The drinks, the food, even the service. Take your favorite choco-holic friends here! Chocolate pizzas and fondues are great to share.

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