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Eating Out: Little Creatures Dining Hall


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So after the Taste Festival we went out with one of Iron Chef Rob's friends to the Little Creatures Dining Hall in Fitzroy. Rob fell in love with this beer on a recent trip to Perth, and nearly wet himself when I told him about this place in Melbourne.

We tried to call up and book throughout the week but the phone rang out, so we figured we would be ok to go in and get a table. Little did we know we actually had to be on a waiting list for a seat.
This was ok, so we headed off to the bar, boys getting their beers and I was on the Pipsqueak Cider. So after waiting for 1 hour and 15 minutes we finally go a table. The matradee was excellent though, kept coming back and updating us on the status of people who were about to leave the restaurant, even brought us some olives to nibble on. It wasn't his fault, there was a big birthday table taking up lots of valuable bum real estate!

Kangaroo skewers with tomato relish and sweet potato chips

So after we had been staring at the menu on the wall for all that time we had no problems knowing what we wanted to eat. I ordered these Kangaroo skewers, and they were very juicy and tender. The relish was a lovely accompaniment. Rob's friend ordered the chicken and leek pie, which was of generous size served with mash potato, peas and gravy.

Soon after we decided to get some desserts after seeing what had been coming out of the kitchen. I ordered the warm cinnamon doughnuts, and the boys ordered bread and butter pudding.

Warm cinnamon doughnuts served with cream and ice-cream

Bread and butter pudding, served with cream and ice-cream.

The doughnuts were cooked to perfection. Not too oily or over crisp. Eating them with ice-cream was a real pleasure, and I hope to eat them again soon.
The boys really enjoyed the bread and butter pudding, I don't fully understand bread and butter pudding; why would I want to eat toast for dessert?

Service here is great, the kitchen is always busy. Just be aware you might have to wait some time for a table if going on a popular night.

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I went to the one in Fremantle last year and had a massive wait there for a table, too! Even so, I'm pretty keen to give the one in Fitzroy a go - perhaps I'll visit on a weeknight.

I loved the Little Creatures in Fremantle and was excited to find the one in Fitzroy when I visited Melbourne recently. We went on a Wednesday for lunch so we had no problems getting a table. The atmosphere was great and I loved the pizzas there :D and the pale ale is my favourite beer.

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