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Eating Out: Mecca Bah


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My friends and I have started a little tradition this year called "International Cuisine Night". We choose a cuisine other than your traditional Italian, Thai, Indian, etc and sample the delicacies.

This time around we went for tapas.
We originally wanted to try the award winning MoVida, but we settled on the idea of Mecca Bah in Melbourne's Docklands.
Unfortunately they don't take bookings, so we got there fairly early and found there was still a few seats available for us to dine.

The restaurant has a gorgeous atmosphere, with plently of tea light candles and lovely Moroccan inspired crockery. As the restaurant is sitted ontop of the water and shaped a bit like the front of a boat, you get the impression you are on a fairly large cruise ship, without the sea-sickness! (A real bonus for people like me).
Large boats with their fairy lights pass the restaurant, giving this place a very romantic feel.

We started off with some breads and dip, as well as these sweet potato
felafels with tahini sauce. Both were very nice, excuse the not so good photography, it was rather dark in the restaurant!

Next up we decided to share a Turkish pizza: roast pumpkin, chilli, pomegranate jam & feta. This was really delicious, the pomegrante jam was blobbed over the pizza and gave it a really nice sweet taste, whilst the chilli added a nice kick to the taste buds.

We also decided to share a tagine as the table next to us had one and it looked so yum! We got the chicken with tomatoes, almond, sesame seeds & honey tagine with cous cous. I have never had cous cous cooked so nicely! (I had a bad experience on a school camp. You seriously could have built a house with our cous cous).
The chicken practically melted off the bone. Probably an excess of corriander in this dish for me, and some random nuts included which we are still un-decided if we like or not.

Service was pretty good, trying to do a few upsells when ordering but we had a lovely experience at Mecca Bah and will be back for more!

Full Menu Available at: http://www.meccabah.com/melb/index.html

Mecca Bah is also in Brisbane and Canberra.

After some cocktails in Fitzroy we ended up at Brunetti's yet again! I've been there way too many times lately, haven't taken photos of everything I've eaten but this mint chocolate mousse deserves it's own special mention.

Mint Chocolate Mousse from Brunetti's

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Hi - Just so you know for next time, Mecca Bah NOW TAKE BOOKINGS! Yay!

Thanks Fiona! I noticed last week they now take bookings! Can't wait to go back!... thanks for the link though =D bookmarking it now

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