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On Easter Monday, Nerdy Rob, his friend and I went on a bike ride along the Yarra River for something a bit different. We had parked the car near this place that I've been wanting to visit for ages since seeing it on the television.
Excuse the poor photos, they are from my iPhone and not the usual camera.

Kanteen is a very casual laid back sort of place you'd go to on the weekend with your newpapers and relax in the sun. You might be seated on a table with people you don't know, but it doesn't matter because it's just that sort of place.

They serve breakfast till 3pm, so even if you had a big one the night before, you can still get your bacon and eggs here pretty late.

I had the peppered chicken pide:

Peppered Chicken Pidé - $10.50
w/ pesto mayonnaise, avocado, roasted capsicum, tomato, cheese & spinach

It was a good size and I found the flavoured worked well together. Just what I wanted after a 25km bike ride.

Rob's friend on the other hand was short changed with what would be the world's smallest croissant. It doesn't look small here but I assure you it was about the size of your palm.

croissant - w/ jam lady jams or ham & cheese 4.5 | 6.0

I'm guessing the poor guy was still very hungry at the end of it, and was trying to offer him part of my pide so he could not go home hungry!

This is just a cool light fitting we had above our table.

Service was pretty good, and the fact that you can see straight into the kitchen does have a nice appeal to it. The atmosphere is probably the best thing about the place. Located right on the Yarra River, it is a great brunch place to chill-ax at.

150 Alexandra Avenue
South Yarra VIC 3141

Web: http://www.kanteen.net/

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