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Eating Out: Nights of Kabul


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Saturday night we had an "international cuisine night". Afghan food was the cuisine of choice, and we treked all the way out to Oakleigh for this one. We were going to go to a place in Camberwell but it didn't review as good as this place.

Nights of Kabul is located amongst the shops around the shopping centre in Oakleigh. We were first to arrive at 6:30pm. A steady influx of people flowed through, during our time there.

We started with some dips and naan bread which were all delicious. Then we went onto mains:

Kofta Korma - $16.50
Meatballs mixed in mild spices & served with rice.

Delicious, melt in your mouth meatballs with a lovely mild sauce had Nerdy Rob pleased and full for the rest of the night. Served with rice, a lovely comfort, wintery meal.

Aashak - $16.50
Traditional Afghan pastries, filled with fresh leeks and mild spices, topped with a special tomato and yoghurt sauce.

David enjoyed these vegetarian pastries. I had the meat version of these which you can see below. The vegetarian version is crunchy pastry, where as the meat version is more of a steamed dumpling. We both agreed that the yoghurt and tomato sauce was just an amazing, refreshing combination.

I'm really looking forward to having these again sometime soon!

Mantu - $16.50
Traditional Afghan pastries, specially wrapped and steamed filled with mince lamb, onion and mild spices. Topped with a special sauce.

Lamb Tika - $17.50
Succulent cube cuts of lamb, marinated in mild spices and freshly grilled over charcoal.

No complaints from Tristan with this meal. I believe the sauce supplied went nicely with the kebabs. The meat was juicy and not dry.

Everything was delicious. Service was good, our waiters were great. The ambiance is a little flat. I was getting very sick of the Afghan music playing in the background very quickly, but good friends and conversation helped to drown it out! I can't wait to go back for those dumplings!

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