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Last week my friend Iron Chef David got admitted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Victoria. I've known David for pretty much my whole life, so it was an honour to go along and see one of his dreams come true.

To celebrate, his mentor (a partner from the law firm) took us all out for lunch. We went to a place called Sud.

Naturally, we started with some sparkling wine to celebrate. Our waiter offered to do a mixed selection of entrees for us which consisted of a lovely tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad, octopus and kifler potato salad, quail on a bed of cous cous with a pomegranate molasses and prosciutto from Parma. Sorry there are no photos of these, I didn't want to be whipping out my camera all the time on David's special day! But I would have to say, prosciutto from Parma was definitely my favorite. I've never had prosciutto as nice as that one.

It was a nice cosy restaurant that offers fine food and wine. There isn't the traditional "flippy" menu as our waiter explained, but just a board on the wall with all the dishes that were on offer. Whilst I did like this idea, the menu was 99% if not 100% written in Italian which was a bit hard to decipher. Our Italian waiter explained all the items about 2 or 3 times in his thick Italian accent but my poor friend Bec didn't understand him. Luckily when we were just about to order, a lady came over and explained everything in her Australian accent, which we could all understand clearly!

I went for the Rigattoni Bologna, which was pretty much just spaghetti bolognese. It was almost like an osso bucco sauce with lots of fresh basil. Simply delicious! I generally judge an Italian restaurant by how well they can do a pasta, and this place passed with flying colours. Plenty of minced pork, and a very filling serve.

My friend Bec got the kingfish. This came with fresh muscles and calms, she really enjoyed it. It was light and cooked to perfection, and it looked amazing too!

Annamarie, another lunch guest from the firm ordered the pork cutlet, which was on a bed of cannellini beans and other delicious ingredients. The presentation is simple but so appetising. I wouldn't normally order something like this but it just looks divine!

The best thing about this place was the fresh bread and olive oil that kept getting topped up throughout the lunch. They must make the bread on site as it is still warm, incredibly fresh and most of all, mouth watering!

So thank you again to David's mentor for this scrumptious lunch! And congratulations again to David, the lawyer to end all lawyers!

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Glad you like it. I'm a big fan of the Exec Chef Darren Daley. You should try their other venue Sud 2 at the Como in South Yarra if you get the chance. It's swisho but also has a bar and casual dining area which is perfect for a bite before a movie :)

Oh yes I know Sud 2, it's right near where I work! I will try it one day =)

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