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Every now and then, Nerdy Rob, our friend Andrew, and myself go for a bike ride and usually get lunch along the way. This time we were riding along beach road and ended up in Mordialloc. We had some time to kill as Andrew's bike was in the shop getting fixed, so we decided to try out the newest burger joint in town, Big Mouth.

Looking at lot like the well known burger chain, Grill'd, we noticed a lot of similarities. For starters, lots of delicious sounding burgers with special relishes, sauces, and ingredients. Also you can choose if you want white bread or wholemeal as your bun choice.

Right to left: Gourmet Grill Burger & Beef'd Up Burger

The boys got a simple beef burger called "Beef'd Up", which consisted of premium lean beef, cos lettuce, vine ripened tomato, trim bacon, caramelised onion & big mouth tomato sauce. They said it was nice and fresh and rather good.

I went for the "Gourmet Grill" which contained premium lean beef, rocket lettuce, feta cheese, caramelized onions, roast capsicum, tzatziki & tomato chutney. A delicious combination, but I think the taztziki was the real winning ingredient.

Like Grill'd they have a good variety of burgers, salads and drinks, but Big Mouth do offer desserts. Something Grill'd does not.

I'd definitely go back if I was in the area and really wanting a burger. I'm glad we had to ride our bikes home though, because I was feeling rather fat after eating a massive burger!

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hey! that's near me! :D

i got a chicken burger from there like a month ago...was really nice. still think grill'd is better tho

Oohh I've only tried Grill'd once before but it was pretty good so hopefully they will open one of these in Sydney!

Hi Anonymous,
Yeah I'd say Grill'd is better too!

Hi FFichiban,
Oh I hope you Sydney people get Grill'd soon too! But you guys already have enough awesome places I want in Melbourne!

It's a shame that the Owner a little older guy with dark hair is so rude to his staff. I would never go back there as it put me off my food while we were there eating. They all looked really unhappy and stressed.

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