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Good Food & Wine Show, Melbourne


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I was debating whether or not I would go to the Melbourne Good Food & Wine Show this year. I had never been before so didn't really know what it was all about, and whether it would be worth it or not. But I did know I wanted to see Gordon Ramsay.
Luckily I didn't have to decide for too long, I was contacted and given 2 tickets to attend. I decided to go on the first day of the festival, which was on Friday, figuring most people would be at work or going away early for the long weekend.

The highlight of the day was meeting celebrity chefs!

George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan from Masterchef, Dominique Rizzo and the star attraction, Gordon Ramsay!
I regretted leaving my Press Club cookbook at home, as I could have got George to sign it, but I did buy a Gordon Ramsay book and got him to sign it!

In the LG celebrity theatre, Gordon Ramsay, Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, Toby Puttock & Matt Moran did cooking demonstrations. Gary and George were a cracker team, swearing far more than Gordon Ramsay!

To get the crowd pumped before each show, Alistar McLeod played some games with the audience, and Nerdy Rob ended up getting on stage, dancing the YMCA and winning some Harty's wine, an apron and a rice and risotto cooker!

There was also the BBC Good Food stage, as seen here Peter Evans doing a cooking demo.
The picture on the far left is a company called Edible Blooms, I have used them before, they provide a nice alternative to sending someone flowers.

The amount of food and wine was just mind blowing. So many traders offering free samples and selling produce. There was also a restaurant serving signature dishes from Gary Mehigan, Gordon Ramsay, Alistar McLeod & Toby Puttock.

Starting clockwise from top left:
- Biscuits from Biscottini, I sampled a pistachio pear biscuit and it was delicious!
- Cinnamon donut, 4 for $5
- Baby Cakes cupcakes, I've had these before and they are some of the best cupcakes in Melbourne.

Starting clockwise from top left:
- Glace fruit by Pomona
- One of the many chocolate stands
- Organic chocolate by Organic Times, so amazing we bought some to take home
- Sauces, puddings and goodies by Red Hill

Phoenix organic drinks and Charlie's homemade lemonade. Rob said the organic cola tasted like "Slade's Cola" and well, the homemade lemonade was so nice and sour, it really quenched my thirst. I really need to find out where I can buy this in Melbourne, if you have any ideas please let me know! The Little Creatures dining hall in Melbourne serves Phoenix drinks.

Haighs was also demonstrating chocolate coated almonds.

Pretzels! This was a very popular stand at the festival. I had a chocolate filled pretzel with chocolate sprinkles. It was so delicious, I did feel rather fat after eating it, but it was so worth it!

This is Julie, I met her in the queue for the Gordon Ramsay book signing. She came all the way from Adelaide for the show and to see Gordon! She has survived breast cancer twice and has such a warm, positive energy, she is a true inspiration.

A big thank you to Johanna Scott for organising my tickets and for going to extra trouble to put aside some Gordon Ramsay show tickets for me! I can't wait to go next year!

Sydney, Brisbane & Perth, check the website for when the show is coming to you!


ooh ooh! Chef groupie jealousy! Looks like you had plenty of fun! Looking forward to the Sydney show

Hee hee looks like great funnnnn! Can't wait for July now whhheeeee

Oh how fantastic that you got free tickets! LOL at them swearing more than Gordon!

Hi Forager!
Yes... chef groupie indeed! haha!

Hi FFichiban!
Oh it was fun! I wish I could come up to Sydney for that show too!

Hi Lorraine!
Yes, free tickets are always welcome! Those Masterchef guys are cheeky!

Great photos of the event! You captured it really well! I went on Saturday and was more concerned with lining up to get my free food than taking photos! Hehehe... plus it was so crowded on Saturday!

I'm so spewing I missed the show (I was down in Tassie this past weekend)....its fun to do the rounds of the wine tasting area.

Looks like you had fun :-D Its always a good event (despite this years scandal I'm sure hehe) - Good value.

Love you blog! It was a fab event, wasn't it? i ended up buying those organic dark chocolates and ate sooo much that day!

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