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Eating Out: Saigon Rose on Victoria


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My friends and I needed a cheap feed before going to the Ross Noble arena spectacular. I picked a restaurant near the venue so we didn't have to drive across town and co-ordinate everyone.
None of us had been to Saigon Rose before, and decided it was about time we gave it a try.

We started off with some mixed spring rolls and some rice paper rolls:

The spring rolls were alright, a bit average. They weren't bad, but they weren't the best I've ever had. They were still good on a cold wintery night.

The rice paper rolls were pretty flavourless, so the sauce was the real saviour. Packed full of filling though, but lacking in flavour.

The one thing that grabbed me was, they had Pipsqueak cider on the menu, my favorite drink!
The Singapore noodles were great, lots of noodles, and flavour. I wish we didn't share them, because I could have eaten the whole plate.

Beef with chilli lemongrass was lovely and tender, a nice amount of spice, plenty of capsicum to accompany it.
The chicken curry is similar to how my mum makes it, but a bit watery. Great flavour, gorgeously cooked chicken and delicious flavour.

The vegetarian claypot, packed full of veges, I didn't try this but it did look yum!

Everything was fresh, the service was friendly, just the rice paper rolls could have had a bit more flavour. I'd go back though, I want to try the traditional chicken noodle soup that wasn't available for Friday and Saturday evenings.

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Interesting variety of the menu for a Vietnamese restaurant! The sauce for rice paper rolls makes or breaks the dish as you are right, the contents of the rice paper rolls are usually bland. As long as they use fresh vegies, it's usually a winner!

Hi Howard,
Yeah it was a bit of a weird menu, I just wanted pho but they didn't have it. Yeah I know rice paper rolls are usually bland but these were extra bland!

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