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Eating Out: Red Hot Wok


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As you may have seen in a previous post, a few of us went out for flaming crepes a few weeks ago. Before having dessert we wanted to have some dinner, so we went to a Chinese / Malaysian restaurant just a few doors down.

I had the curry laksa which was very very bland. I had to request for some soy sauce. I added so much soy sauce, and there was still no flavour! I was very disappointed as I was really looking forward to a nice spicy soup with lots of noodles and chicken.

Rob had the Ipoh Ho Fun, which was not what was I was expecting it would be. It was still a delicious looking noodle soup for a cold wintery night. Rob said it was a little bland as well, but not as bad as the curry laksa.

Flaky tofu and a vegetarian fried kway teow were enjoyed by the vegetarians. No complaints of blandness about either dish. The flaky tofu, looking a bit like a creme caramel looked very delicious.

In my opinion, I probably wouldn't go back. I'd be willing to give it another try, but from what I had, it wasn't very authentic. Service was pretty good, prices were reasonable but not that cheap being in South Yarra.

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If you want a good curry laksa that is very cheap, try Eddie Wongs on Swan St, Richmond.

We go there quite frequently and the laksa is a fave. Very flavoursome and filled with goodies. Only about $9.50 too.

What a shame about the blandness! The tofu dish looks the best dish of the night (and not just because it looks like a creme caramel :P )

Hi Esz,
Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be sure to check it out!

Hi Lorraine,
I can't believe a curry laksa could be so bland! Yes tofu creme caramel did look the best of the night!

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