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For us Australians, for the last 3 months or so we have been glued to our televisions 6 nights a week watching Masterchef. I've tried a few recipes from the show, but there are heaps more I want to try, especially from the latest pressure test, the cake I've nicknamed; "The Cake of Doom". It is essentially a chocolate mousse cake, but inside there are 7 layers! Just looking at the recipe gives you a headache! However, I have vowed that one day I will make this cake of doom!

So it's down to 2 women, home cook and lovable mum, Julie, and my favorite from the start, Malaysian artist, Poh, (her website here).

Julie has been a solid performer, and has not lost a pressure test, or elimination round yet! The woman is unbeatable! She always seems to be in a tizz, and we all felt sorry for her when she couldn't finish plating up for celebrity chef, Donna Hay.

Julie Goodwin

Poh has had 2 second chances, but what I love about her is she is a risk taker. She will try things she has never tried before, which has resulted in her losing sometimes. But since getting a wild card entry back into the competition, she has excelled. I really want to try those deep fried meringues! Oh, and well she is Malaysian, so how could I not love that being part of my heritage!

Poh Ling Yeow

For me I'd love Poh to win, but I think Julie deserves it more. Julie has been there from the very beginning, hasn't been home to see her family, and being a mum of 3 boys, if anyone needed to go home to spend some time with their family, it would have to be Julie. Either way, whoever wins, I will be happy!

Poh's deep fried meringues with chocolate, chestnut puree and orange rind..mmmm

It's been a great series, with some of my favorite chefs making an appearance, Donna Hay, Bill Granger and Adrian Richardson. My newest favorite chef the series introduced me to is Emmanuel Stroobant; the man is a dream!
Some amazing recipes, some shocking recipes, but it's really brought lots of people together, especially my family, we would all rush dinner so we could sit down and watch it together.

Judges: George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan & Matt Preston

I will miss Friday's masterclass and seeing the 3 musketeers until the next season!
It's just been confirmed there will be a celebrity version of Masterchef... hmm that will be interesting!

So on Sunday night, we will all be glued to our TV sets, waiting to find out who will be Australia's first Masterchef. I will be having a few people around, possibly making some food inspired from the series. The box of tissues will be on hand as with any good reality TV show there will be tears!


Well written post! I'm going to be at a loss after Sunday night... I might just have to watch rewatch the episodes online! :)

my votes for Julie. she's such a lovely person and definitely deserves the title. i've got plenty of masterclass catchup to check out online which i've missed.

Hi Rilsta,
Why thank you. I just had the need to blab and I'm glad it made sense :P I think I'll join you with re-watching them online!

Hi Simon,
Oh I have seen the chicken, I have even posted it on here!! Horrible!
Best of luck to both ladies for the grand finale!

P.S. I have nominated you for an award. Check it out on my blog!

Hi Rilsta!
Thanks, you are too kind. I really must get onto that!!

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