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Sorry my posting has been a bit slack, I've been incredibly exhausted as of late, and just started an awesome contract job. This weekend I am hosting a dinner party, but luckily my guests are bringing lots of dishes and I'm just in charge of dessert. I'm doing some kind of petits fours!

On the weekend just passed, I went out for lunch on Sunday with Nerdy Rob and our friend Hamish in the city, and headed over to the Salvidor Dali exhibit. We also enjoyed lunch at the Brown Sugar Cafe.

Turkish bread with chicken, bacon, pesto, mayonnaise & cheese.

This was amazing. Better than any other focaccia or toasted sand which I've ever had. A really nice combination. The sweetness of the mayonnaise, the saltiness of the bacon, and the delicious fresh bread was just what I wanted for brunch on a Sunday.

Spiced Lamb Pie.

Totally awesome! Served with a yoghurt sauce and and fresh salad, who could ask for anything more? The perfect size, very tasty mince and crispy pastry, I think I will get this next time!

Found in one of Melbourne's busy little arcades (I forgot to take pictures!), Brown Sugar is a fantastic little treasure. A very cosy restaurant, with prompt and friendly service. Thanks Hamish for finding this little beauty!

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That Turkish Bread looks delicious and right up my alley! Chicken and bacon? I'm so there! :)

Can't wait to see the dinner party! ;)

Looks like delicious comforting food! Those pies look like little elf shoes :D

(this is my first visit to your blog and I like it!)

Hi Lorraine,
OMG I know, chicken and bacon are awesome together! Looking fwd to the party too, rather tired but have red bulls in the fridge!

Hi Conor,
haha little elf shoes indeed!
Thanks for stopping by! =)

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