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Organic Expo 2009


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Yesterday I headed down to check out the Organic Expo at the Royal Exhibition Building with Nerdy Rob and Alana. The lovely Stefanie from Polkdadot PR contacted me before the event and offered me some free tickets, and luckily she did because I had no idea this expo was even on!

The entrance at the Royal Exhibition Building

I wasn't sure what to expect, but we ended up having a great time, and I found my favorite organic chocolate by Organic Times that we discovered at the Good Food & Wine Show.

There were a lot of different stands, obviously food and wine were nicely scattered around the expo with lots of free samples being handed out. We tried lots of organic chocolate and chips, as well as salad dressing, cider and honey. If you wanted to try wine you had to buy a tasting glass for $5, but we weren't really in the wine tasting mood so we gave it a miss.

As well as the food and wine on offer there were lots of organic clothing, baby clothing, gardening, skin care, cosmetics and house hold cleaning product stalls scattered around.

We needed a spot of lunch before going on further. Rob got the massive burger, all organic of course, with chips all for $10! I got the arancini of pumpkin and fetta with chips and a salad. The arancini was pretty bland, but I got some of the free organic ketchup to make it a bit more flavoursome.
The cafe had lots on offer, including these cute chocolate muffins! A big selection of sandwhices, pies, sushi, rice paper rolls, soups and vegetarian options.

Kylie Kwong also did a cooking demonstration, but we didn't stay for the whole thing. I am not a fan of Kylie Kwong, she always feels the need to remind us she is Chinese and always uses the same ingredients to season her food. We found her rather boring and proceeded to indulge in some more free samples before heading home.

The haul

We came home with lots of goodies:
- Chocolate by Organic Times (chocolate coated licorice, almonds and macadamias)
- Salad dressing (Sesame shitake and rose & balsamic)
- Thomas Chipman chips (5 for $15)
- Charlie's homemade lemonade (my absolute favorite) and spirilina
- and a show bag that we picked up on entry

Overall a good expo with a huge variety of organic products on offer.
The expo is still on today, for more info check out the website, adult tickets are $15 available for purchase at the door.

A big thanks to Stefanie again from Polkdadot PR for the tickets, we had a great time!


Bland arancini? Boo!

This post reminds me that the Good Food & Wine Show is coming to Perth next weekend and I still haven't decided if I want to spend the money to go. I wish I were more decisive.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Kylie Kwong is NOT the next genius asian chef! I find most of her "Authentic Chinese" food not authentic at all! Much rather watch Gordon Ramsay abuse someone hehe

Hi Conor,
Yes bland arancini! booo indeed!
Hope the Perth Good Food & Wine shoe is good fun =)

Hi SoRMuiJAi,
haha, I'm glad someone agrees with my Kylie Kwong views. I could have been more harsh but I thought I better restrain myself a little :P
I'd prefer Gordon over her ANYDAY!

Looks like a great expo! I wish we had one here :) Hehe Kylie Kwong inspires such strong feelings! I have to confess I've never seen her tv show so I don't know what she's like!

I can't believe I missed the expo; your post is great!

Well, Chocolate Rush coming next week - can't miss that one.

Thanks for sharing!

Hi Lorraine,
You do have one in Sydney! It alternates between Melbourne and Sydney. Next year it's you! =)

Hi Food Lover,
It was rather good! Make sure you get down next time!
I might have to come to Chocolate Rush this year, I have never been before!

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