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Eating Out: Co Do


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You know a place is worthy of trying if Matt Preston has eaten there before.
Katie and I decided it was time we caught up on all the gossip with each, other over some pho. I asked Katie to choose the place as I was flat out and suffering from man flu; thus affecting my ability to think straight.

I picked Katie up, and we plotted our destination in the car GPS.
Like many of the restaurants on Victoria St, Richmond; they have classic 70s d├ęcor. Co Do did have freshly painted, vibrant walls, which made the place feel a little less 70s than the usual. However, mirrored walls were still a prominent feature.Not to mention the Vietnamese karaoke playing on the TV.

Katie isn’t a big fan of prawns, and I didn’t want to make her anything she didn’t like. So we started with some shredded pork rice paper rolls. The rice paper was a little bit chewier than normal, but they were pretty good, with the tasty dipping sauce.

We also shared some vegetarian spring rolls. I found the filling to be a little mushy. They tasted alright, but they weren’t as traditional as I was hoping for. I only just realised, I forgot to photograph them! So just use your imagination...

Katie got the wonton soup. Her feedback was that the broth was very tasty, and the bbq pork was delicious.

I ordered pho. I do love my pho! I got my usual order of rare beef.
The broth was pretty tasty, not as good as my usual pho haunt, but still very good. A good serving size too.

With the meal costing $14 each, we were very satisfied, and even had leftovers.
There is a VERY extensive menu. I remember flicking through numerous pages, even though I knew I was having pho. I’d go back to try other dishes.

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Not been to Richmond for a long time. I am closer to Footscray. May take a trip back to memory lane soon.

try the bun bo hue or one of their variations!
So good, the staff are starting to recognise me though *blushes*

Hi Penny - Do make the trip back! =)

Hi Alex - Oh thanks for the recommendation! I will be sure to give it a go next time I'm there.

nothing like some delicious viet food!
and the best thing is - it's usually AMAZING and freakishly cheap
I don't need good decor or even matching plates for that matter... just a plate of rice paper rolls and a steaming pho!
now i'm hungry :)

Hi, A Girl Called E - Amen to that! It's one of my favorite "junk foods" :P

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