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Even MORE Lindt Macarons


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No prizes for guessing what's in this box...

Last week I was down at Chadstone shopping centre picking up my Snow Leopard upgrade for my mac, so does anyone expect me not to go to see if Lindt had macaron flavours I haven't tried? Really?

Well, all the flavours I listed that I wanted to try in my previous post about them were all available, so I scooped them up and took them home.

More pretty colours! It's almost like a pastel pallet for an artist! ... or a delicious macaron platter for tasting... I prefer the latter!

So, what did they all taste like?

Clockwise from top left: blackcurrant, coconut, rose & peach

Blackcurrant: a little tart and delicious. Reminded me a bit of the passionfruit one, full of flavour.
Coconut: very coconut-y with lots of dessicated coconut flakes. Reminds me of my mum's coconut ice.
Rose: very flowery! I thought I was eating potpourri with it's strong flowery flavour.
Peach: tasted like canned peaches, just not as healthy. Not bad, it's on the top side of the like scale.

So that somes up more of the macaron flavours available at Lindt. I am now on a self imposed macaron ban for a little while. I'm going down tomorrow to meet some friends, I might have to move to the cake section instead!


I think lidnt is a nice addition to Melb food scene. But I still crave for Koko black during winter (the hot chocolate is amazing). Koko black does not have a store in Sydney though.

I went up on Tuesday and checked it out. Had a dark hot chocolate a coconut delice and a brownie. I think I needed a mop to clean up all the drool afterwards.
So yum.

Ooh, pretty colours! The pink and orange ones are so lovely looking!

Good luck with moving onto the cake section! You need pretty deep pockets at $12 a slice (or $10 takeaway!). That is like the same as 5 or 6 delices!!

Those macaroons looks absolutely delicious!!

Have never been to a Lindt cafe... Am quite new to Sydney, but I really should take a visit to their city store... Maye they'll have macaroons... Mmmmm

Nice blog, Shellie :)

Hi Anh - No Koko Black in Sydney? That's weird, usually Sydney gets everything first! Too many chocolate cafes around at the moment I think.

Hi Anonymous - haha yeah, it's pretty damn delicious down there.

Hi Rilsta - I just saw the prices last night! OMG... I think not!

Hi Ladybird - Thanks! I hope you make your way to a Lindt cafe soon to try some!

I have tasted Lindt's macarons for the first time last week. They are sooooooooooooooo good!

Hi Ellie - om nom nom nom!

Between Lindt and Adriano Zumbo? I love both actually, adriano does experiments with his flavours, whereas Lindt is very-signature classic. I love their vanilla. However french macarons aren't suppose to be crunchy or look like biscuits, they are fragile creatures. Go to Cupcake Family in QV early Oct to try Lady Macaron authentic french macarons. xoxo Lady Macaron

Hi Lady Macaron - I haven't had a Zumbo macaron yet =(
I shall check it out next time i'm in the city.

Shellie you must come visit and try some of Zumbo's macarons! His are a bit harder than others I've had but the flavours are very cool. I personally really like tart flavours with macarons as they tend to be so sweet!

Hi Lorraine,
I MUST come to Sydney to go to Zumbos. Not just for the macarons, but for every single item on the menu!!

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