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Eating Out: Credo


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Today we took my gorgeous Grandma out for lunch since it will be her birthday on Tuesday. Whilst we could have hit up the usual local Italian restaurant, we have been there far too many times in the last few months; the thought of eating there again made me feel a bit ill.

So we headed up to the Dandenong Ranges to a restaurant I have always eyed off when driving through, Credo. Always looked a bit special from the outside, and the menu online sounded nice, so this seemed like the best option.

I called up to make a booking, as I wasn’t sure how popular it would be. I left a message, they didn’t call back so mum called up to make sure they got the booking. We arrived, and there was maybe 4 people in the restaurant, and turns out we didn’t need to book at all. The first thing we noticed though, it was very hot inside. On a 19 degree day, sure it was a bit nippy, but there were far too many heaters on, and created more of a sauna atmosphere than a cosy climate.

Credo had quite an extensive menu. I was actually surprised how many dishes there were to choose from. Breakfast is served until 4pm on Sunday, or you can order off the lunch /dinner menu.
Drinks took a while to arrive to our table as the wait staff were too busy catching up with people at the counter.

Lemon pepper and garlic prawn risotto, with snow peas, sun dried tomatoes and baby bok choy
Grandma ordered the risotto. The prawns were well hidden in the rice, but there were quite a lot, and they were huge prawns. She finished it all and didn’t complain.

Kangaroo with a pomegranate molasses, potato mash, snow peas and beetroot chips

I ordered the kangaroo as it seemed like a nice change to the usual dishes I would order. The kangaroo was overcooked, a bit dry. The pomegranate molasses was nice and tart, teamed with the sweet potato mash and beetroot chips it worked well. The mash itself was a bit bland though.

Rib eye with mashed potatoes and green beans
Dad had the rib eye and it was cooked just the way he ordered it, rare. There was mustard in his mashed potatoes, which was a nice touch.

Lamb shanks with mashed potato and wilted greens

My other choice was going to be the lamb shanks; mum ordered them so I got to have a little taste. They were alright, I was expecting more flavour from them.

As to whether I would go back or not, I’d probably have to say no. Unless it was with a group of friends that really wanted to go there. Food wasn’t the best, I much prefer The Ranges up the road.

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Anyway, we went back to Grandma's house to pig out on a slice of cake:


oh that kangaroo sounds horrible! Nothing worse than a dry over cooked piece of kangaroo. Must have been an effort to chew on it?

The cake looks positively delicious. Much deserved after what sounds to be like a pretty average lunch. Eating drying kangaroo sounds like it would be equivalent to chewing on an old potato sack. Hope you had a lovely time with your Grandma, though love. xx

Pity about the mediocre dishes, but at least the birthday girl's dish seemed ok.

Hooray for redeeming cake! I can't quite figure out what is on top of the cake? They kinda look like white olives??

Hi Maria - It was a bit like roo-jerky :P I took AGES to eat my meal... the longest I've ever taken to eat I reckon!

Hi Kiranjeet - The cake was pretty delicious =) From Michel's patisserie.

Hi Conor - Oh, the cake was frozen, and it was thawing on the table... they are grapes with icy freezer bits :P Olives on a cake... nooo thanks ;)

It's great that you spent some quality time with your Grandmother! Sounds like the food was a bit hit and miss but at least you had great company right?

Happy birthday to Iron Chef Grandma! :) A pity that the food wasn't that great, especially for a birthday lunch, but sounds like you all enjoyed the cake!

Hi Lorraine - Food was a little hit and miss, but at the end of the day it is the company that makes the meal =)

Hi Rilsta - The cake was the highlight of the day :P

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