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Weird Food Of The Month: Cat Poo Coffee


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Would you pay £50 for a cup of coffee?
How about if that cup of coffee contained cat poo?

Well now at the Peter Jones department store in Sloane Square, England, you can buy a shot of expresso cat poo coffee. But me? I think I'll pass, I'm not a big coffee person anyways... or cat poo person for that matter.

"Internationally-renowned barista David Cooper created the coffee, which is a blend of Jamaican Blue Mountain and the exclusive Kopi Luwak bean. Kopi Luwak, or Civet coffee, is made from beans eaten, partly digested, and then expelled by the Indonesian civet cat.

Mr Cooper said: 'These rare coffees have been slowly hand roasted for around 12 minutes to ensure that we maximise the potential of each coffee.
'The final roast colour is quite dark to ensure that the espresso is perfect for a smooth latte or cappuccino.'

Civets, who live in the foliage of plantations across south east Asia, are said to pick the best and ripest coffee berries. Enzymes in their digestive system break down the flesh of the fruit before the animals expel the bean. Workers collect beans from the plantation floor, wash away the dung and roast them.
All proceeds from the coffee sales are to be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support."

Images and text taken from www.metro.co.uk 

So, would you drink it?


you gotta try it!!! I brought some of those weasel coffee back from Vietnam! I fell in love with it when I was there! It is the best coffer I've ever tasted!

ohh - no thanks, I just couldn't drink it...and I love my coffee!

Ahh, the fun to be had with the advertising slogans, like "Civet cat poo coffee. Savour the aroma". or "A week's worth of excrement goes into every cup".

Caffe Raro? Sounds like a sound that I would imagine a cat would make when its having trouble going to the toilet.

Though I wouldn't want to go through the process of making my own, I would at least give it a go if someone else was paying. If I were to process it, I would certainly want to be charging that amount per cup just for the "work" involved.

I am usually very adventurous but I am not sure about this. Have tried about this and thought about trying. I guess I will find out once it is placed infront of me.

Hmmm. That's some good shit :P

I'm on a waiting list for a tasting session (only $15 though, not 50 quid!) of a number of coffees, including "monkey coffee", which doesn't have such an ick-factor as the monkeys eat the coffee fruit flesh and spit out the seeds, so it's just monkey spit involved, and no monkey poo!

All the sessions are booked out, I'm hoping some people are really disorganised and don't pay in time!

Having had a cat as a child and having studiously avoided cleaning up their poo (isn't that what parents are for? :P ) I'd be somewhat reluctant to try it!

why pay that much for cat poo coffee when you can make your own hehe. actually some dodgy places i'm sure might accidently give you cockroach coffee if they don't clean out their machines properly. i'd rather not pay £50 for a coffee – it's amazing the price people charge for things that are so exotically different, like swallows nest for example. what will they think of next, dog wee energy drink? i guess coogee tried it with Poogee Icecream but failed hehe

Hi Billy - Well I'm not a big coffee person, so I dunno what is good and what isn't. Weasel coffee sounds interesting though! I believe you that it's fantastic!

Hi Kyla - Don't worry, i won't be serving you cat poo coffee ;)

Hi Simon - Oh I love that ... it definitely sounds like the noise it would make when having trouble going to the toilet!

Hi Penny Aka Jeroxie - If no one told you it had cat poo, you might not know. It's the danger of knowing what it is that puts you off things!

Hi Robert - LOL! nice one.

Hi Conor - Wow, you must really enjoy your coffee then! Hope someone cancels and you can attend.

Hi Lorraine - Parents are great for cleaning up poo ;) haha

Hi Simon - ROFL!! I'm going to pass on your idea of dog wee energy drink too :P

I would drink it, I would like a little bowl of kitty biscuits to go with it though. lol

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