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Eating Out: Groove Train Richmond


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It was a Saturday, Hamsley and I were feeling sleep deprived from not enough sleep, yet needed to fill our day doing something productive. We decided it was finally time we went to Ikea to get our bookshelves. I wanted to try a place in Balwyn for breakfast, but once plotting it out on googlemaps, I realised I really couldn't be assed driving so much out of the way for breakfast. So we headed for Bridge Rd, Richmond, which was far more on the way to Ikea.

We walked a little and I was getting grumpy due to lack of sleep and hunger so we walked into Groove Train. I had had good experiences at another Groove Train, so I thought this place would be a winner. There were plenty of other diners in the restaurant which is often a good sign too!

Eggs Benedict $11.90

Hamsley went for the old breakfast favourite, but was rather disappointed with the hollandaise sauce that covered his eggs. It was more of a yellow flavourless cream with no tang at all. It's lemon juice and vinegar that gives a good hollandaise a nice sour tang, but this chef either left them out, or used them very sparingly.

Scrambled Eggs with Toast, Bacon and Hollandaise Sauce $10.90

So I bet you are asking…"why didn't she get eggs benedict, instead of ordering this?"…. I like my eggs scrambled okay? I'll admit. I haven't tried them any other way, but it's the way my mum made them for me, and I'm sticking with it for now. Turns out I got more in my serve than Hamsley did with his eggs benedict, and it was cheaper! But much to my disappointment, the hollandaise was pretty much a yellow cream.

Chai Latte $4.50

The chai came out when I was about half way through eating my eggs. I would have preferred to have started it before eating, as most places I've been to always bring out your drink first.
With hopes of having a nice spicy chai to go with breakfast, I was extremely disappointed to have what seemed just a warm cup of milk with a side of honey. The chai flavour was so weak, I added the whole tub of honey just to add flavour. But then my milk just tasted of honey. I didn't even finish it. It must have been the first mug of chai I've never finished.

I have been to Groove Train at Doncaster for dinner on two occasions and found the food to be fantastic. However, breakfast at the Richmond location seemed to be very lacklustre.

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I visited the Groove Train in Melbourne Central some time back and wasn't overly-impressed; a bit pricey and fast-food-type-cafe to me! The Doncaster one must be heaps better! Oh and wish me luck, I've bought all (three) ingredients for your lemonade scones and will be attempting them soon! xoxo

the photos turn out pretty awesome!

Tangless hollandaise? Why, that's a sue-able offence! Bah, humbug. (Says me, who routinely order eggs benedict without any hollandaise at all... Whoops.)

I love egg Benedict but a sub-par Hollandaise sauce will ruin it!

Unfortunately my experiences at both the Richmond location and Doncaster have been fairly poor. At Doncaster my calzone basically had no flavour and the onion wasn't cooked!! Pet hate of mine.

I think the food is overpriced for what it is. For some reason the Richmond site always seems fairly busy - I wonder if its just because the place looks fairly funky inside??

PS. Thank you for introducing me to Moka Cafe....love their macaroons :D

I find that chais are less often hit, and more often miss, that I tend to just make my own at home. Hollandaise sauce too often disappoints as well. My condolences on your less-than-successful meal!

Oh no! Yellow cream instead of hollandaise, that is no good at all! :(

Maybe you could have tried adding the flavourless yellow cream to your flavourless honeyed milk?

Too bad breakfast was disappointing. It's one of my favorite meals to eat out.

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A bit hard pressed to get a beautiful benedict like that for $12 in Sydney!

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