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The very first time I tried chai many years ago, I hated it. The truth was, it was one of those instant ones you get at the supermarket so it wasn't bound to be the best.
Now, I'll have a chai latte most days at work, or when I go out, chai is becoming one of my favorite drinks to order, instead of my usual earl grey tea or mocha.

Don't know what chai is?
Our good friend wikipedia says: Masala chai (Hindi मसाला चाय: masālā cāy, "spiced tea") is the beverage from the Indian subcontinent made by brewing tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs.

In 2009 Chai Mamma was born; as it was hard to find a chai as authentic as Indian (Masala) Chai.
It is hand blended in Melbourne (East St. Kilda to be exact), and that the tea is purchased from fair trade. 

The range uses Fair Trade Certified Black Tea, blended by hand using the following spices: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Black Peppercorns, Star Anise and Ginger.
Chai Mamma's recipe has been developed and refined to ensure that the exact amount of Black Tea and Spices have been blended to give it that perfect strength and aroma. 

The chai is super easy to make. I used the saucepan method:
1 teaspoon Chai or 1 tablespoon for added strength.
3/4 cup milk and a 1/4 cup of water
Bring to boil, once tea rises to the surface strain. 
Add honey or sugar for sweetness.

The main difference between the Original and the Spice, is that the Spice contains the addition of star anise.
As to which one I preferred? I didn't really have a preference.
I think some people might find the cloves might be a tiny bit over powering, but both contain a lovely mix of ingredients (With the Chai maybe use one teaspoon of Chai (for one person) with more milk).
A little honey to sweeten it up, and you'll be in chai heaven.
At the end of the day, it comes down to what you prefer. Some people like their chai's with lots of cloves, others might prefer lots of cinnamon. But if you are a fan of chai, I would recommend you get your hands on a bag of Chai Mamma and decide for yourself. It's perfect, especially on those lazy days when you are soaking up the winter sun like today.

Naomi from Chai Mamma is looking for stockists, and anyone interested in sampling or wanting wholesale prices can email her at sip@chaimamma.com.au
What makes Chai Mamma different to other chais, is that it is hand blended and not mass produced. And the best part is that it is made with Fairtrade Certified Black Ceylon tea and mixed with the freshest spices.

Chai Mamma is available to purchase at eConvenient - 101 Poath Road, Murrumbeena (Victoria)

For more information about Chai Mamma, different chai blends and brewing techniques, email Naomi or check out the website: www.chaimamma.com.au


I used to make my chai from scratch. That is when I a free uni student. These days, I hardly have time. So this is promising! Will love the one with star anise.

I would love to go on a tea advanture one day.. just tea sipping all day long, trying out a varity of tea, etc..

Chai is usually my 2nd choice after a coffee. Def a fav in Winter as the cinnamon warms me up!

This does look and sound heavenly, but should I really stop supporting my local Canberran chai maker in favour of the fairtrade chai made elsewhere? Oh, ethical dilemmas!! :P

i do love a good chai!
the bondi chai powder is the best i've found for at home chai, but a friend recently introduced me to the t2 chai with VANILLA SOY. amazing!! but im gross and sometimes i like the artificial powder better... tsk tsk!

Love chai! It's like a little extra meal in the day, and so good when it's cold.

I'm a chai convert too! And us in Canberra are lucky to have our very own hand mixed authentic chai. It was like an instant enlightenment, knowing what chai was really meant to taste like!

Chai! I love Chai! I'll have to look out for this one. Can never have too much chai me thinks. <3 <3

Hello all you chai fans - just wanted to congratulate Emma on her good taste, and reassure her that there's nothing 'artificial' about Bondi Chai Latte. In fact, it tastes so good simply because it ISN'T artificial. The only ingredients you'll find in our product are there for taste and enjoyment - we do not use 'manufacturing aids' of any kind. Which is probably why Bondi Chai is the only chai latte in Australia to win gold medals (we have four) in Fine Food awards. And as for 'authenticity', Australia's own Bondi Chai Latte is actually sold in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata)- how's that for 'selling coal to Newcastle'.
Martin Buggy - Bondi Chai.

I love chai tea! I instantly disliked it the first time, but now I love it!

Just letting everyone know that the Chai in this review is blended by hand in East ST Kilda Vic.



Hi Penny - That would have been fun! I'll have to try making my own one day :)

Hi Made 2 Order - That would be so _awesome_!

Hi Adrian - I'm not really a coffee person so that helps :P mmmm.. cinnamon!

Hi Hannah - Oh! Well you can always give Chai Mamma a go =)

Hi Emma - I have heard good things about Bondi Chai and will be trying it very soon! Nothing wrong with powdered chai. :)

Hi Conor - It's so true. It's usually my morning tea :)

Hi Honey - Woot! Lucky you have a good supplier up there!

Hi Celeste - Yay! Another Chai lover! :P

Hi Martin - Looking forward to trying your chai as well!

Hi Betty - I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like it at first but now loves it!

Hi Nai - I've popped it in the post just incase someone doesn't read the comments =)


I have received an unsavoury email sending me links to an Overseas tea company's website after a Client requested a sample. I support Australian Businesses especially Small Business I encourage you to do the same. There are some lovely Chai's out there made by local Chai makers.



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