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Eating Out: Red Hill Brewery


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On a fairly recent trip to Red Hill (I'm so behind with blog posts), we had sampled the beer from Red Hill Brewery at the annual Red Hill Show. After wondering around the show, we felt a need to have a bit of a beer so we headed down to the brewery which was just down the road.

We even made a lunch reservation for the following day without even looking at the menu. After making the booking we did flick through the menu, and it looked like it was going to be a choice of the ploughman's lunch or the steak sandwich for me.

We arrived the following day for lunch, having friendly banter with Dan, the man behind the bar that saw us twice the previous day. We were then seated, proceeded or order some beer and food to match.

I ended up getting the steak sandwich as I had seen quite a few people the day before order it. It did not disappoint. Such succulent steak, and an amazing chutney that brought everything together. How can you go wrong with bacon? Bacon makes everything taste better.

The rosemary chips were the perfect side, just full of flavour that matched perfectly with the beer.

Hamsley ordered from the specials, as the chicken dish caught his eye. He loves chicken and leek, and he absolutely loved this dish. He kept telling me how good it was, and then promptly ordered another beer after he finished, since he wasn't driving home!

This was Halle the brewery dog. She wouldn't move at all in the car park, just stood there and didn't care that cars were trying to move. She was so cute, but sadly passed away since our visit. I hope the crew down at Red Hill Brewery get another four legged friend again to great customers.

As well as beers on tap, you can also take them home. So don't go home without a take home pack!

Whilst we could have gone dessert as well, we were mighty full from lunch. Perhaps next time we will peruse the dessert menu!

Thanks again to the wonderful staff at the Red Hill Brewery for an unforgettable lunch. You provided us with such warm hospitality and comfort I think all restaurants and cafes should have!

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Aww sad about Halle :( But lovely post nonetheless! The rosemary chips look divine. How far away is Red Hill from Melb?

Oh, what a gorgeous dog! So sad :( I'm with Honey - those rosemary chips sound amazing. Maybe Halle is sneaking some under the table in Happy Dog Land right now...

Now that's what I call a steak sandwich! I love the way the bread acts a buttress wall against the invasion of chips!

There are so many great places to visit in Melbourne!!

yum! just look at those chips! will be adding this to the itinerary when i finally visit mornington peninsula!

halle looks so beautiful!! lucky you got a nice photo of him. It's been a few years since I've been down to the annual Red hill Festival. I haven't visited the brewery yet though.

Aww Halle was so gorgeous. RIP! :( And it sounds like a great place to spend an afternoon :)

What a great steak sandwich! It sounds like a delicious meal. Sad about Halle, she was a cutie. I'm new here and so glad to find your blog with its great things!

That sandwich looks like it would be wonderfully messy to eat, with the grilled tomato juice splurting out :D

Sad to hear about the dog but I bet she lived a good life there.

hey, we actually visited this place by mistake last yr! so sad to hear the doggie has gone to heaven! i miss melb!

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