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Eating Out: Moka Pot (Round 2)


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The plan was, Miss A and I would have a girls day; brunch and maybe spot of shopping. We thought brunch up at one of our favorite cafes in the hills... but after much thought, we realised we needed to go shopping to get birthday presents and spend vouchers. Sick of hitting up Chadstone, we decided we would shop at Doncaster; but where to have brunch? Then I remembered Moka Pot! I had such a great experience there last time, and I knew Miss A would like it.

After I suggested Moka Pot, she replied, "I am totally ordering those amazing fluffy pancakes tomorrow!!"

Skinny Cappucino and Skinny Chai Latte (the chai is delicious here!)
(Miss A's lovely nails texting away in the background)

We found a park easily and with a few tables spare; we were seated quickly.
We trawled through the menu for a bit, and I was tossing up between muesli or french toast. The thing that put me off french toast was that it was going to be served with walnuts, and I'm not the hugest fan of them.

French Toast - $12.00
With caramelized bananas and roasted walnuts, topped with maple syrup and homemade honey yoghurt.

I ended up going with the french toast anyway, and man was it a good choice! I even ate the walnuts as they went so perfectly with the bananas, toast and honey yoghurt. 
It was just so fantastic... but so much, I couldn't finish it all.

Buttermilk Pancakes - $13.90
Topped with warmed blueberry sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

Miss A did indeed order the pancakes, however they came without the little jug of maple syrup this time. The topping was a bit different, mine had fresh strawberries, whilst either the winter menu or new menu had blueberry sauce. Miss A tried them without maple syrup and said she would prefer to have some. I think they needed a sweet hit, so I flagged down a waiter and he brought some over right away.

New macaron flavours are available too! I wanted the salted caramel but they were all out *sad face*. I did walk away with 2 bubblegum macarons and they were so colourful and yum!

Service and food is still great at Moka Pot. I'll be back to try the rest of the menu soon!

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sick of chadstone? i miss chaddy!
though, doncaster is so nice..

your french toasts and pancakes are giving me gluten envy.

I, too, am ambivalent about walnuts, but will accept them in my mum's crumbles. I think I might be able to accept them in super rich fried fluffy french toast, too...

I'm upset by the lack of maple syrup, though. Don't the cooks there know that EVERYTHING brunch-related tastes better with maple syrup?!

Both serves of food look so large! Great value for money but so hard to finish it all =(

And again I find myself tortured by your French toast. Those pancakes look like fluffy deliciousness personified. Well, pancakified anyway. So so good, I hope you ooohed when they came out :)

Haha my friend's are normally busy texting or browsing their phones whilst I'm taking pics of food too! This definitely beats the muesli I just had!

This post makes me want to go out for breakfast this Sunday...pancakes!! Oh nomnomnom :D

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