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Chicken Parma with Sweet Potato Chips


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Mid week cooking this week was resulted in cooking parma. Didn't have a recipe, so it was a bit of an improvisation, turned out very well, didn't have that fatty pub-parma taste either! I was a bit upset with myself because I should have had a beer for my boyfriend... you can't have a parma without a beer!

Mum loved the fact that it was such a cheap meal. She must have bought the biggest chicken breasts ever. I'm talking the Pamela Anderson of chickens, we only used 2 chicken breasts between the 4 of us, and we were all full at the end of it!

Since I didn't really have a recipe, I'll try to remember what i did!

To make the schnitzel:
1. Pound the chicken with a meat pounder
2. Coat the chicken in flour
3. Then coat the chicken in whisked egg
4. Coat the chicken in mix of: bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, salt & pepper.
5. Fry in oil and drain on paper towel

To make the parma:
1. Take your schnitzel, and place it on a baking tray
2. Spoon over some warm tomato pasta sauce (homemade or bottled. Leggo's have a parma sauce)
3. Place a slice of ham on top of the sauce
4. Top with mozzarella and parmesan cheese and put in the oven or under the grill until the cheese melts.

To Serve:
Whatever takes your fancy: chips, salad, mash potato, or pasta

Eh Voila! Bon App├ętit!


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