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Eating Out: The Grill Room


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Where would you go if you were a man for your birthday?
A steak house of course! (unless you are vegetarian.... or don't like steak I guess...)

The first time we went to The Grill Room was for my boss' birthday 2 years ago, and we have been raving about it ever since! I didn't take a lot of photos as it was quite dark and didn't want to be that weirdo person taking photos of all their food with the flash going off every 2 seconds!

So finally we convinced my boyfriend's parents that we should go here for his birthday dinner, and they were very impressed!

The Grill Room
St Kilda Road Towers
1 Queens Road
Albert Park VIC
(03) 9863 7700


I highly recommend getting the ribs as a starter. We ordered these, then about 2 minutes later they arrived at our table. I'm not too sure how they cook them but they just fall off the bone and melt so easily in your mouth!

All week I had been asking a few people about Wagyu beef as there is a recipe in the latest Delicious magazine that uses Wagyu beef. I found out that it wasn't cheap, so I kind of went off the idea that I would ever get to try it. To my delight, Wagyu beef was on the menu!... and it was sooooooo goood! I got the The Classic Grillroom Wagyu Beef Burger. I chose chips instead of a baked potato and got a side sauce called "Monkey Gland" which is a South African BBQ sauce.
It's hard to find good chips, but they were all so crunchy and perfect! Not oily at all.

The Classic Grillroom Wagyu Beef Burger

The birthday boy got the Rib Eye, with baked potato and Danish Blue Cheese sauce. It tastes as good as it looks!
I wish I had taken a photo of his mum's baked potato... it was the biggest potato I have EVER seen! Far far bigger than the size of my fist!

Rib Eye steak

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I've yet to try a Wagyu burger. I must fix that dire situation immediately I think lol

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