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So I thought I'd start showing food I've eaten on my travels through life too, since I really should blog more!

ANZAC weekend my boyfriend and I went up to the "spa capital of Australia" as they like to call it.

Our first stop was the Chocolate Mill. I'm a seriously chocoholic so this was the best place to start!

They sell the chocolate by the 100g. You can choose to buy 1, or 1,000,000!
Everything is made on site, there is absolutely no smoking allowed, even in the car park due to health and safety reasons too.

In this box is my selection of goodies! My favorite was probably the nougat one, I also had one called "Venus Nipple" it was shaped like a pair of boobs, complete with nipples. I should have taken a photo of it!

On site they have the Hot Chocolate Cafe, making hot chocolates with Belgium chocolate. There is nothing like it!

They have white, milk, dark & dark chocolate with chilli on offer.

I stuck with the traditional Milk Chocolate, and Rob as always being adventurous tried the chilli one. It was actually really nice. We were told the more your stir it, the spicier it gets. It was more of a chai flavour than chilli.
I would go back there again for sure to have another hot chocolate!

We also ate at the now famous Macaroni Factory, there were restrictions on taking photos so I didn't take any. The pasta there is amazing!! Go there if you are ever down that way. Bookings are essential.

The Red Star
in Hepburn which we found in the cheap eats is also a winner!
It is filled with nic nacs and books, nice atmosphere for dinning. They have the best penne I think i've had in a long time! Bookings are also essential. We had fun laughing at all the people being turned away.

We enjoyed pub meals, and home cooked breakies at our B&B. The highlight was hazelnut pancakes with quince and mascarpone!

We ended with designer cupcakes from Life's Sweet.
To be honest I found them a little pricey, and well, I think I can make better tasting ones... but her's looked very cute and who can resist a cute cupcake?!


Wow everything you talk about in this post sounds amazing! I bet you didn't take a photo of the boobie chocolate because you were too busy licking it. Anything remotely nipple-like deserves a licking.

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