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Chinese New Year - Feast 2


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Well I officially started my new year's resolutions after the 2nd feast that was Chinese New Year!

Every year my aunty/godmother cooks up a massive feast for a massive group of people. This year she catered for about 16 people.
I must learn her recipes so that one day I can try to recreate "The Feast".

To wet the pallet we had fried wontons. Everyone's favorite, a nice little snack food with a delicious filling.

First up we enjoyed shark fin soup. Most of us had 2 bowls since we only really get this one a year unless you go to a restaurant for it.

Second was the tossing of the Yusheng, new year salad. Nice and refreshing, we had ALOT to go around.

Third up the quails! The main event of the dinner, with my dad cracking the same lame jokes, and fighting over the last one. They are accompanied by a salt and pepper mix to dip you bite size pieces of quail in. So delicious, this recipe I must get!

There was also these yummy prawns and roast pork belly.

Just when you thought you were full, out comes the lobster noodles.

Then dessert. What feast would be complete without dessert?
Mum made a cheesecake and we had lots of fresh seasonal fruit including lychees and longans.

Once again thank you to my aunty for cooking this feast with one of her nearest and dearest friends helping her out.
We look forward to doing it all again next year!


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