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As many of you have heard, we have been having the worst bush fires ever. The death toll is rising, hundreds of people have lost their homes and everything they have worked so hard to enjoy. It was all burnt in just a few moments and now they are left with nothing but the clothes on their own back. Some people have even lost loved ones which is the most devastating thought of all.

These are some images from The Age. Every time I hear a story on the radio, see it on the TV or read it in the newspaper I am reduced to tears. We all desperately need your help.
This tragedy is said to be worse than the Bali bombings. We wait as the death toll rises and we try to find an answer to why someone would deliberately light a fire.

Cars have been burnt to just the bare shell.

This was taken at Yerring Station, one of my favorite wineries in the Yarra Valley. Now surrounded by black, bare earth.

From the Herald Sun: Peter and Wendy Crooks used almost 40 cans of cola to put out fires in the eaves after their pump failed. They saved their Kinglake home.

To see some of the most amazing pictures of the fire storm click here.

You can donate safely and securely through the Red Cross here. Or you can donate blood, which I will be doing. Anything you can do to help we will all appreciate.
Please be aware of scams and dodgy money collections from people wanting to profit from other's misfortune.


Great idea Shellie. It is so sad the amount of devastation there is :(

PS Thanks for the tip about the movie!

I'm so sad to see the devastation, I can't imagine how horrible it must have been :(

Hi Lorraine: It is sad. It's amazing how much money has been raised though.
Hope the movie was good if you saw it. I'm checking it out this weekend =)

Hi Nicisme: I can't image how horrible it must have been either. I saw a small fire damaged area on the way to my grandmother's house and just couldn't imagine it on a much much larger scale.

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