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Eating Out: Goshen


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As I've mentioned before, my friends and I get together every now and then for an "International Cuisine Night".

We originally planned to go Lebanese, but the place we wanted to try had a $50 minimum per person on a Saturday night. With most of us on a budget we said "screw you!" and looked for a much cheaper option.

Korean was the cuisine of choice, and a quick scour of The Age website and we decided to try a place called Goshen.
I was quite excited at the chance to try Korean food again, as I had tried it when I was over in Perth. Possibly even try Korean BBQ if anyone else wanted to try it with me.

We arrived and were greeted pleasantly by a waiter and were promptly shown our table.
First impressions were good, the atmosphere was nice, the place was clean and filled with lots of people eating away.
We received complimentary water and received our menus. The menu didn't have much variety though. It was practically the same dish but with a different type of meat, weather it be chicken, beef, prawns, etc. We even had trouble differentiating between half the stuff on the menu.

I was quite eager to try "Bibimbap" after seeing Food Safari.
Wikipedia defines Bibimbap as: is a popular Korean dish. The word literally means "stirred/mixed rice" or "stirred/mixed meal." For a full description go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bibimbap

However, when we received it, it was nothing like what I was expecting. It was more simplified for the Australian pallet it would seem. It was tasty, but I was expecting more vegetables and the egg on top.

The other dish which was chicken in a hot pot with vegetables was rather tasty. Not sure if was traditional Korean but it was good. The only difference between this and the Bibimbap was this didn't have rice.

The vegetarians however we extremely impressed with their tofu-salad. The presentation was even a work of art.

The Kimchi pankcake seemed to be the only thing that had Kimchi in it, despite Kimchi being the most popular side dish in Korea. Some people can't even eat a meal without having Kimchi to accompany it.
This was brought to the table and cut like a Margarita pizza in front of us. It apparently was pretty bland, and non spicy.

If you are looking for authentic Korean, I doubt you are going to find it here. They don't even have Korean BBQ which I thought was standard in Korean restaurants. Prices are reasonable, service is about average. We had to chase up 1 dish that seemed to have gotten lost.

Bookings however I assume are essential. Probably good for people who want to ease their way into Korean cuisine.

189 Smith St, Fitzroy

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Hey Shellie,

You have to try a Korean BBQ! AMAZING! Haven't been to one here in Melbourne only Sydney.

I've not had Korean here in Melbourne and by the sounds of it Goshen was just ok but might be worth a try.

Hi Mel! : I shall have to hunt down a Korean BBQ place for sure then! Goshen is alright, but I wanted more variety =) x

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