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Eating Out: Olarndo Thai


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Working in the advertising business, I come across a lot of restaurant menus used for leaflet distribution. We received leaflets for Olarndo Thai quite some time ago, and it looked like a very swish place to have dinner, so I held onto the menu until there was a special occasion. The special occasion was Chinese New Year with my friends, and even though none of them are Chinese, it's a good excuse to get together. However, we agreed on Thai food so we renamed it "Thainese New Year".

Set on the trendy street in Port Melbourne, the place is well signed and has a very pleasant atmosphere. Whilst it is not too busy at 7pm, people tend to drift in later on through the night. I was getting a bit worried as there weren't many people and I had dragged all my friends out, but thankfully at the end of the meal they all agreed it was an excellent choice of restaurant.
The 8 of us sat comfortably around the table provided, although we could have used a little more table space as we got a few dishes to share. I can't review everyone's dishes but I can give you an insight into what I had.

Olarndo Mix - $10
3 of us shared a mixed entree platter. The satay skewers and spring-rolls were nice, but the curry puff was extremely weird. Instead of a chunky savory filling, the filling was a reddish paste that was very sweet.

Pad Thai $15.50
Flat rice noodles stir fried with chicken, prawns, eggs, tofu, bean sprouts, tamarind and ground peanuts in our special sauce (this is by far our most popular dish)

Just delicious! One of the best I've had since being in Thailand. The only problems: the lemon wedge was too small and the noodles were too long. Minor details but the taste was superb. The table ordered 2 Pad Thai and everyone had good things to say about it.

Pad Met $14.50
Chicken stir fry with roasted chilli paste (mild), onion and cashew nuts

A request from one friend because he was interested to try the "roasted chilli paste" that was stated in the description. Definitely a winner, full bodied flavour, not hot but just perfect.

Gang Dang $14.50
Thai red curry with bamboo shoots, vegies and sweet basil with a choice of chicken or beef

Very similar to a Massaman curry. The bamboo shoots resemble egg noodles. Plenty of meat to go around in the thick, creamy coconut based sauce. Very good with coconut rice or with Pad Thai (if you feel like mixing up the flavours a little).

Gado Gado - a vegetarian's delight!

Staff were attentive, the food was amazing, and the prices were extremely reasonable. A good selection for vegetarians, not seen on the website menu. You can BYO or order from the extensive wine list.

The funky fork, heavy but pretty!

Olarndo Thai
321 Bay Street
Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Phone: 03 9646 2690


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Nice looking place. Is it pronounced the same as Orlando? That fork is cute, I've never seen a design like that :)

Hi Lorraine!
Yes it is pronounced the same as Orlando. Funny thing is they came into work yesterday and I told them how good it was =)

Looks great! Andy and I shall have to pay them a visit. =)

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