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Eating Out: Little Creatures Brewery - Perth


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As I mentioned, I have recently been to Perth for a holiday.
My boyfriend had been to Perth 2 years ago and fell in love with a beer called "Little Creatures". He got me onto it and we even ventured down to the Little Creatures dining hall in Melbourne.

Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle WA

The Little Creatures brewery is located in Fremantle. This is about a 20 minute train trip from the city of Perth. We ended up going twice since we loved the food so much.
Whilst my boyfriend loves the beer, I much prefer the Pipsqueak Cider. It is truly the best cider and I have a t-shirt to prove it!

As it is a dining hall, the atmosphere is pretty laid back, just like most of Western Australia. Waiters and waitresses were more than helpful. The menu was pretty much the same as Melbourne. As it is a seasonal menu I was a bit disappointed the cinnamon doughnuts were not available for dessert.

My favorite side dish / starter was the "frites". Unpeel potato chips, fried and served with a sour cream mayo. So yum!! I'm actually craving these now as I write.

On our first trip we shared a chorizo and sweet corn pizza, and tiger prawns wrapped in proscuitto.

Both were presented so nicely and absoulely delicious!
The pizza base was thin and crispy, and the prawns just melted in your mouth.

The next time down we took my parents down and they also enjoyed the food.

They had the prawn pizza with corriander pesto. I didn't get to try it but it smelt and looked very good!

My boyfriend got the kangaroo skewers I had in Melbourne:

And I had the most delicious chilli tomato mussells you will ever see! (they might not look like much here but they came in thick tomato chilli soup which you could soak up with the bread) The most amazing mussell dish I think I've ever had, other than the prawn and mussell spaghetti my mum cooked up the next evening!

So check it out:

Whether you are in Melbourne or Fremantle, you can "Open Up A Little".

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Dear Shellie!
Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
Thank you so much for accepting my Friendship request!
Looking forward to sharing!
We've got quite a few Ozzies from Melbourne as we play a lot of cricket in Shizuoka!
Love my mussles, too.
BTW, there is a little typo in your title!LOL

Robert-Gilles - Thanks for the comments... and helping me correct my spelling!

Oh yay, you did make it here!! I agree, the frites are pretty tasty, especially when enjoyed with an icy cold beer (or cider) on a warm summer's day!

They've since opened up a new burger bar out the back (you have to walk over a little bridge thing to get there from the main deck area). I think eventually they will take over the entire marina and fill it with food and beer :D

Here's your chance to win a trip to Perth & Fremantle and see Little Creatures brewery up close...

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