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Eating Out: Arirang (Perth)


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So my first proper Korean food experience was in Perth a couple of months ago. We couldn't help but notice the vast amount of Korean restaurants scattered over Perth so we decided to try one for lunch towards the end of our trip.

Each table has a Korean BBQ in the centre, but we thought between the 2 of us we wouldn't be able to try a good variety of food to BBQ, so we just ordered off the menu.

Jap Chae - $13.50
A traditional favorite. Clear noodles pan-fried with thin slices of marinated beef and assorted seasoned vegetables in a sesame oil sauce.

I got the Jap Chae because it sounded so simple and delicious. And if it was a traditional favorite, there must be a reason why.
It didn't disappoint either, full of flavour, I could have eaten another one straight after it. The noodles were clear, glassy like but were a bit chewy. I really liked them, probably a bit too much capsicum for me but the beef was so tender. I need to find somewhere that serves this in Melbourne so I can get my fix.

Kimchi Bokgum Bap - $12.90
Fresh + seasoned vegetables, chilli pork, pan fried with well pickled kimchi pieces in light sop + sesame oil.

My boy got the Kimchi Bokgum Bap because he wanted something with Kimchi in it to find out what it was all about.
This was a very nice dish, however very spicy... on the way in and out if you know what I mean ;)
He consumed a lot of fluid whilst eating this one because it was so spicy!

(image taken from www.arirang.com.au)

There are 2 Arirang restaurants:
91-93 Barrack Street, Perth
420 Hay Street, Subiaco

For the full menu and contact details head to: http://www.arirang.com.au/

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