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A while ago I tried a place in Camberwell that I had walked past quite a few times and always wanted to go in.
Being half Malaysian, I'm usually craving some kind of Malaysian cuisine, usually curry laksa! So Nerdy Rob and I headed down to give this place a go.

We wondered in for lunch about 45 minutes before they were due to close, but they still welcomed us in and service was good.

Pie Tee Shells – 3 per serve $8.50
Delicious vegetable filling placed within a crispy rimmed case topped with
prawn and scallop.

We started with what my mum makes really really well, Pie Tee. Whilst these looked delicious they weren't as good as my mum's! A different filling to what I'm used to, and topped with cold prawns and scallops. If they weren't cold the dish would have been better.

Hokkien Noodles - $14.00
Soft cooked hokkien noodles, fishcake, prawns, calamari and bok choy gently
simmered in a dark soy sauce.

This is a dish I used to order ALL the time when I was younger. I'm not sure what it was but I always enjoyed it and always ended up covered in soya sauce by the end of the meal. These were delicious, a good sized serve full of seafood.

Curry Laksa - $14.00
Fine strands of vermicelli and soft hokkien noodles, fried bean curd puff, fish
cake, chicken, bean shoots, string beans, all present in a piquant spicy
coconut curry soup.

And I finally got my curry laksa and it was everything I wanted it to be. Good soup, which some people can easily screw up, plenty of noodles and fish cake. I will be returning here if I'm in the area and want laksa again.

Monk and Me is a lovely place with big doors that open up to the pavement during the hotter months. A good menu and decor, with great service. I can't wait to go back to try more dishes!

Monk & Me
9 Evans Place
Hawthorn East VIC 3123

Tel: 03 9813 3261
Fax: 03 9813 1151

Web: http://www.monkandme.com.au

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Ooooh, next time you must try the Indian Mee Goreng! It rocks. :)

Hi Claire!
I LOVE Mee Goreng so I will definitely give it a go next time I'm there!

That is the cutest name! *sigh* I really have to visit Melbourne again. It's been too long!

Hi Lorraine!
It does have a cute name doesn't it!
I must visit Sydney again! So many chocolate cafes you guys blog that I wish we had here!!

Dave and I just went to monk and me! We really enjoyed it! We are two happy little monklings! :D *prays like a zen god* laaaa!

Chris, you are too gorgeous for words! I love it there, really want to go back soon!

They have new dishes came out. Have a try! The chef special is a bomb! Try the new entree Udang Goreng. My Favorite!!!!

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