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Eating Out: Shakahari


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I'm going to apologise now, as this is going to be a bit of a vague review because I can't find the menu online to give you the proper names for each dish! So hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves.

My dear friend Iron Chef David had his birthday at an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Carlton last weekend. Since he is vegetarian and half the group is also vegetarian, us meat eaters happily gave up meat for this special dinner. But to be honest, I didn't even notice the absence of meat as all the dishes were so packed with flavour.

The best thing by far was these dumplings. We still talk about them a week on. We got 2 plates of these as they were only an entree size and we all wanted dumplings. The balsamic syrup helped to compliment the most amazing filling. I probably could have just dined on these all evening, but there were many other dishes we had to cram onto our table and try.

Avocado rolls, in a tempura batter (i think) with a lovely green sauce..... remember I said this was a vague review!
Very nice, crunchy in the right places, and soft in the right places.

These croquettes were delicious, with sweet potato and a nice sweetish sourish sauce. Served with tofu, kim-chi and a few vegetables. They look as good as they taste.

Vegetarian satay sticks. The vegies look like meat but it's all vegetables. The satay sauce was lovely. Served with pickled vegetables and rice.

This is quinoa. Probably my first experience with quinoa and I will say it's yum! Looks like cous cous, similar texture as cous cous, served with a lovely salad and tasted great with the satay.

Soba noodle curry. I love soba noodles, and with a curry soup it was an excellent combination. Packed with tofu, and vegetables, this one would definitely fill you up.

There were a couple more dishes that I didn't get a photo of because we were too busy making room on the table for all the dishes and we were all very hungry!

The restaurant is set in an old house, plenty of seating and the staff were extremely helpful. There is a few options here for vegans as well. I would say bookings are essential as there aren't many Indian vegetarian restaurants in town!

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ciao bel blog...complimenti

That place looks lovely Shellie! And the dumpling presentation is fabulous. I've never seen dumplings presented so nicely :)

Hi Lucio - ciao! grazia!

Hi Lorraine - Oh it was rather lovely! I have never seen dumplings presented so fanciful either!

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